A trick we hairdressers like to use for dandruff. Listen up! It is Sea breeze! That is right, Sea breeze. Very inexpensive and smells nice too. You wash your hair first then pour the Sea breeze on the dandruff areas. Be careful it will burn if it gets in the eyes. I like to put it in a plastic coloring bottle first. You can pick those up at any beauty supply store. After you let it set for 5min. comb it through with a fine tooth comb. Then let it set another 5min then wash it out. Your all set. It may take a few applications but it really does work! Martrix makes a product called Vavoom liquid shine. This is the best thing for any kind of hair that is frizzy or just dry and damaged even hair that is just a little dull. Good Luck, Dee


For those of you who want to use mayo or miracle whip weekly for a deep hair conditioner:
1:wet hair, apply as much mayo as you like.
2: run hot water in the sink and put a towel over the water, not to wet.
it, but to make the towel moist and warm.
3: wrap warm towel around hair and let condition for twenty minutes.
4:the most important thing is when you are ready to rinse out, do not get your hair wet again first, put a large amount of shampoo in your hair and work in-this will cut the mayo so that you will not have to rinse your hair for 45 minutes.
4:once the shampoo is worked well into hair–rinse well.—Peggy—MN