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Reds 4 Shu Uemura

Reds 4 Shu Uemura

Our beauty advice. Drink water! On the edge of the bottle, the traces of the mythical red 4 Shu Uemura! Two essential partners for a luminous complexion and a mouth sublime … Simplicity of the packaging, transparent case, creamy texture and performance held for years the red 4, available in 36 colors, seduces and has

New L'oreal

New L’oreal

Today I want to present the latest news from L’oreal for nails, eyes and lips. On the one hand we have the new Shine range Caresse, a very new line in texture as it resembles a gel but nevertheless covers almost like a lipstick and add much luster.

A fresher than nature

A fresher than nature

Vermilion lips and rosy cheeks: the approach of winter, it is fashionable to look good. Choose red The first step to achieve this look is to find the right shade of lipstick. This will determine the color of blush that absolutely must have the same tones. The trick to choose his infallible tube is to


Extreme Resist, Nivea

In the current trend in retro-chic, red is in the spotlight. It gives your lips a very female sensuality. Your mouth becomes glamor, passion, bold … it attracts attention and playing the card of seduction in the extreme. For this captivating smile with you all day, adopt the new Nivea Extreme Resist.