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Tips to dye at home

Tips to dye at home

Dye our hair can be a good idea to give a new look to our hair, but in many cases they do not have the courage and we have to go to a beauty center, this time we will give some beauty tips that will help to be able to dye in the comfort of


Natural dyes and home for your hair

Dye our hair naturally helps us keep our hair healthy as well as always healthy and without causing damage as industrial dyes have many chemicals and our hair is not always pretty with chemical dyes, which is why we offer beauty tips help you dye your hair or give them as a natural reflex ingredients

How to do a pedicure at home

How to do a pedicure at home

The pedicure is very important to keep always nice to have our nails well kept both hands and toes makes us look very nice and always interesting, for this reason we show you how to make us a pedicure at home and save money, because for look pretty is not necessary to go to a


Touch up your makeup

This small tutorial serves to give finishing touches to our makeup when we are away from home, may be in a meeting with a boyfriend or with friends. Well we can realize that it is very easy, simple and fast … and well I hope they serve.