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Five Mustachioed Heroes

The Top Five Mustachioed Heroes in Film

The Top Five Mustachioed Heroes in Film

The moustache has appeared on the silver screen in so many styles that it might as well have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. From the distinguished and dapper to the downright creepy and lascivious, a number of memorable characters have sported moustaches that have left a lasting impression. These top five

5 Fashion accessories which can enhance women beauty

“Women”… The most beautiful creation of god. Women are born beautiful and till they day they keep on enhancing her beauty to look more beautiful in every day. Women are the most important part of every family, she smartly handle all the daily household work, office work, family work and many more. People say that

Young fashion 2014

As always, the young fashion for spring and summer color and lighter than the autumn and winter, as well as 2014. Bright colors and fabrics dominate this spring and summer. The favorite color of winter, Black is mothballed and is probably only in the autumn light again. Rightly so. Who after this short, cold days,


Boots anyone?

There was a time when boots were worn mainly for cold weather and if you don’t want rain and mud to ruin your pretty feet. Gone are those days however, women’s boots are everywhere, any season, all year round! And, it’s just fantastic. Boots, whether they are ankle boots or knee length can glam up


How to choose and buy scarves

The scarves have been used for a long time and not just when it’s cold, are a fixture as varied in their design and texture that’s one for every occasion. For that reason, we should not think that being in a top summer can not wear this type of accessories well combined, gives a touch