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Shiseido Perfumes

Shiseido Perfumes for women Proposal: Shiseido Zen sense By Francesca Camps

Shiseido Perfumes for women Proposal: Shiseido Zen sense By Francesca Camps

Description: Shiseido perfume Unexpected fragrance, Zen comes from the conjunction of two seemingly opposite worlds: that of the most rigorous and the Japanese tradition of the nation’s most advanced cutting edge of the rising sun.

best products

The best products from Shiseido By Francesca Camps

Description: Shiseido products Two of the main fronts in the investigation of major cosmetic brands around the world are anti-cellulite treatments and led to common baldness. The Japanese company Shiseido, the world leader in these treatments, reviving one of its flagship products, the Creator and reinvents Body hair loss treatment. Find out why Shiseido is

Forums on Beauty

Forums on Beauty: By Francesca Camps

Description: Few, very few of us has ever entered a beauty forum, an option exchange of quick, dynamic and effective place to find answers to any questions on matters of beauty, makeup, or aesthetics. Currently any media dedicated to beauty has a forum, some more successful than others because it comes into view the number

Olay Products

Olay Products By Francesca Camps

Description: Before buying a wrinkle cream and moisturizing of a brand we’ve never tried it, nothing is more cash to buy it safe to get into the forums of beauty. Freely and naturally, opinions and personal experiences of beauty products are clear indicators only. In this context always surprising to the good acceptance of certain

Japanese Straightening

Japanese Straightening: By Francesca Camps

Description: Popularly known as “Japanese straightening” although his real name is Japanese Thermal Straightening. It is also commonly known as Final Smoothing and usually last for about six months. It is applied in professional hairdressing salons for a price ranging between 350 € and 450 €, but there are other very good products to do


The best-selling products Biotherm, By Francesca Camps

Description: Moisturize and repair has become the standard of today’s most developed cosmetics. From this dual purpose, Biotherm has created two anti-aging creams: Age Fitness Power 2, which slows down the oxidation reactions and enhances facial skin against aging. And the second, which is aimed at women over 35 years, called Vivo Skin is the

Francesca Camps

The history of Biotherm-Rides Repair, Biotherm dermobiotico wrinkle: for Francesca Camps

Description: With age, the fibers begin to degrade skin causing terrible loss of flexibility of the skin, when wrinkles appear more visible. To combat the appearance of these wrinkles, Biotherm biologists have created Rides Repair, an anti-wrinkle treatment dermobiotico working with two of the star ingredients of the current history of the firm Biotherm: Organic