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The best-selling products Biotherm, By Francesca Camps

The best-selling products Biotherm, By Francesca Camps

Description: Moisturize and repair has become the standard of today’s most developed cosmetics. From this dual purpose, Biotherm has created two anti-aging creams: Age Fitness Power 2, which slows down the oxidation reactions and enhances facial skin against aging. And the second, which is aimed at women over 35 years, called Vivo Skin is the

Francesca Camps

The history of Biotherm-Rides Repair, Biotherm dermobiotico wrinkle: for Francesca Camps

Description: With age, the fibers begin to degrade skin causing terrible loss of flexibility of the skin, when wrinkles appear more visible. To combat the appearance of these wrinkles, Biotherm biologists have created Rides Repair, an anti-wrinkle treatment dermobiotico working with two of the star ingredients of the current history of the firm Biotherm: Organic