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Start The New Year Well With These Self-Care Techniques

Start The New Year Well With These Self-Care Techniques

We tend to make a lot of New Years resolutions that revolve around whipping ourselves into shape. Have you ever considered making a resolution that’s more about loving yourself than changing yourself in some way? Self-care is an important tool for maintaining your emotional wellbeing and showing yourself that you’re worthy of love. If you’re

Indiba, treatment for Christmas

In these days before Christmas, may you who are looking for an effective treatment to improve the appearance of your skin in one sitting. For though you may not believe, I assure you it is possible. Arrive days many parties, meetings and reunions and we have to be spectacular. The Indiba is a form of

Beauty treatments Kiehl’s

I’m sure you know Kiehl’s. The truth is I would not know quite how to define it, I do not know if it’s natural cosmetics altogether but they are defined as a mixture of cosmetics, pharmacy and drugstore. I have to admit that Kiehl’s of first I was not thrilled, not for price nor product.

Beauty Addictions: “Beauty Holic”

Continuing with the theme of addictions beauty, this time I will focus on those who are lovers of beauty products, but not misunderstand me, because taking care of your face and body, or wanting to look good is not harmful, it bad when we exaggerate in the process. In this case, I commented that “Beauty

MAKE Cosmetics: Make-up for a good cause

Normally it comes with make-up primarily by self-interest: Which concealer hides dark circles probably the best lip gloss which survived a whole night, which makeup can be a not after two hours in the lurch? It is important that you feel comfortable yourself. Some benefit for others, it also has: It looks easy, unless you

Care For Your Skin In Easter

Care For Your Skin In Easter

This vacation protects your skin from the sun, protect yourself! Finally the holidays are here! A week’s rest will be many, but that does not mean you should forget your care routine as it is at this time where you should be more careful with your skin. Follow these tips to keep your skin from

Catwalk Beauty

Catwalk Beauty: We collect the best beauty looks for autumn / winter 2013

Red lips and natural makeup colors for shadows eclectic, fashion week show the latest trends in makeup. Whether Pat McGrath, François Nars or Tom Pecheux, the most prestigious makeup artists beauty industry gathered in the four metropolises of hectic fashion month. Eyes full of strength, extra-sharp eyelashes, lips in different ranges of red and shadows