Start The New Year Well With These Self-Care Techniques

Self-Care Techniques

We tend to make a lot of New Years resolutions that revolve around whipping ourselves into shape. Have you ever considered making a resolution that’s more about loving yourself than changing yourself in some way? Self-care is an important tool for maintaining your emotional wellbeing and showing yourself that you’re worthy of love. If you’re new to the notion of self-care, you’re in for a treat. Start incorporating some of these ideas into your life today.

Let go of toxic people. Most of us have a few people or habits in our life that bring us down and make our lives more difficult. If you’re taking steps to look after yourself and find that certain people make that harder than it needs to be, put yourself first and let them go. Sometimes physical reminders of a toxic person need to be taken away to really get closure. You may want to book an appointment to remove tattoo of that ex you never need to see again or throw away reminders of a difficult time in your life to finally let go – do what you need to do to feel free.

Give yourself a day of pampering. If you can afford it, booking yourself into a spa for the day to unwind and be pampered is wonderful, but even those on a budget can give themselves a treat from time to time. Take a day off, put your phone on silent, and pamper yourself all day long. You could take a long hot bubble bath with candles and essential oils, try out a new facemask to smooth down your skin, and paint your nails using colours you love to make yourself feel special.

Practice stillness. Many of us are too busy too much of the time. One of the best self-care strategies you can use it simply to be still. That’s often easier said than done, but with practice it will begin to come more naturally. Take time each day to sit quietly and be peaceful. You may want to use a meditation CD or video to guide you through some visualisations or body scanning techniques, or simply sit in a place you love and listen to the sounds around you.

Take a social media break. If you’re the type of person who spends a large amount of time looking at your phone every day, a social media break could do wonders for your mood. Look after yourself by taking a small break at least once a week. You can build up the amount of time you spend offline over time if it’s tough at first – just give yourself a break from the constant comparisons and worries that can come with excessive social media use.

Laugh it off. When you’re having a tough day, a good laughing session can be a lifesaver. Find your favourite hilarious movie, get comfortable, and spend some time simply laughing. You can also scout out funny videos online, read a humour book by a writer you like, or listen to some comedy podcasts while you’re busy cooking or cleaning. Invite your favourite friend over if you want some company for your self-care session, or take the time to be alone if that’s what you need.