Unconventional Things You Can Gift Yourself for the New Year


Why expect others to give you gifts this new year when you can buy a cool, new gift for yourself? Kick off the coming New Year with a unique gift to yourself. After all, being happy starts with appreciating oneself. Here are several ideas on how you can pamper yourself at the start of a brand new year:

Buy Yourself a Vacation

This is ostensibly the most favourite gift people buy themselves at the end of the year. You have worked hard all year, so you do deserve a vacation. Buy a plane ticket to anywhere you like (and can afford) and spend a week or two treating yourself and doing nothing else. You can head off to the northern hemisphere to enjoy an actual white Christmas, or head off to the ever-favourite Aussie beach destination, Bali. Wherever you go, leave your worries behind.

Shop for New Styles

A new year usually means getting a new wardrobe too. Give clothes you can no longer wear to charity and shop for new stuff. Instead of buying the same old, why not treat yourself to a new style? Find a great alternative dresses online store to shop for a rad new wardrobe and be a new person this New Year.

Gift Yourself More Sleep

The best thing anyone can gift themselves these days is more sleep. That is, adequate amounts of sleep between 6 to 8 hours for adults. The latest research indicates that sleeping for less than 6 hours a night, or as you may have bragged to co-workers in the past, is quite terrible for your health and wellbeing. Sleep deprivation turns you into an irritable, unfocused, and overall unproductive worker. Also, it puts you at elevated risk for diseases like dementia in old age. Therefore, if you are a chronic short sleeper, do yourself a favour in the New Year and sleep as recommended by doctors. In fact, try to make a habit of sleeping at night so you get a proper night’s sleep.

Pamper Yourself in the Summer with Cooling Bath Bombs

The early months of the year are typically the hottest in Australia. So a great gift for yourself for the New Year would be personal items that keep you cool without the air conditioning. Get yourself minty bath bombs to make soaking in the tub even more fun in the summer. You can hydrate and cool yourself, and overall feel a lot better during the holiday seasons.

Get Yourself a Great Smoothie Maker

It’s the summer so fruits are everywhere. Buy yourself a nice new smoothie maker to stay healthy and hydrated during the hot months. There are so many new products that make preparing smoothing convenient for owners. Not only that, you might want to buy a product that is also easy to clean because who wants to spend hours doing chores during the free months?

Fix that Backache with a Massage

If the old year was plagued with aches and stress for you, then give yourself a break and go for a massage. There are different options you can choose from, such as reinvigorating massages or traditional-type Indian medicinal massages.  Choose what you like and spend a weekend getting better to face the upcoming year.

Spending some alone time is a must before you get back to the crazy routine as usual. Use one of the above fashion or other ideas to give yourself a treat and get back in business as a new, energized person.