Far-out Ways for the Fashionista to Enjoy the Fashion Week in Australia

It is that time of the year that every self proclaimed fashionista is waiting for and eager to be a part of. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s the Mercedes Fashion Week in Australia where the latest trends are displayed and discussed, the hottest models admired, the current rage of accessories looked at longingly, waiting to own them and flaunt all the trendy garments and accessories. Fashion Week is also a time when you mingle a lot with known and unknown people, new acquaintances are made, new friendships are forged and significant time is spent even with the older friends. In fact it is the perfect time for you and your gang of friends to plan your trip to Australia (if you are looking for a good enough reason to), as the fashionista in you will truly enjoy the sights that Australia has to offer along with the fabulous fashionable clothes and accessories that are on display.

Fashion week combines the best of what the country has to offer along with the latest in fashion and beyond. And the action is not just restricted to the ramp and the fashion week arena.

  • Admire the iconic landmarks of Australia along with the show

If you are a true, blue fashion addict and are visiting the country exclusively for the fashion week but are disappointed on missing out on all the sightseeing and viewing all the beauty that the country has to offer, then fret not. Many shows are taking place at outdoor locations, such as at the iconic Opera House, where the best of the architectural world and fashion world is on offer in a beautiful amalgamation. So, you can admire the beauty of the landmark site along with the clothes and the models.

  • Mingle with like-minded fashionistas on the waters

You will definitely meet a number of fashion fanatics just like you and feel the need to discuss and elaborate in detail over all that is on display while probably enjoying a meal together. What better way than to hire a party boats Mercedes-Benz fashion week Australia 2017, if not for the entire day then for a lunch or dinner party. You can admire the views of the city and the skyline from the waters along with enjoying endless chats with friends and fellow fashionistas over a sumptuous meal. A further sizzling factor can be added to the evening by hiring male or female strip artists or even exotic, topless waitresses who will give the models on the runway a run for their money.

  • Meet the trendsetters

If you are traveling and visiting the MBFWA with your partner, let him admire the models (of the Mercedes cars, of course, what did you think) while you meet the top retailers and fashion bloggers who rule the fashion scene with their opinions, style trend alerts, predictions and style tips. Being a true blue fashionista you can learn a lot from the people that you meet at the various events and also establish meaningful contacts.

So, go ahead and make your Instagram followers dizzy with the endless photo updates you post from the Fashion Week and of the scenic country. Indulge in shopping from the season’s top trends and fashion brands and meet like-minded fellow fashionistas as you enjoy the views of the spectacular city.