Should You Be Thinking About Dental Implants?


A healthy mouth with strong teeth is important for everybody. Every day our teeth are exposed to food and drink which can harm them either by wearing away enamel or causing the teeth to chip and crack. Smoking and diseases are two other ways in which teeth can become damaged. Decay and root canal surgery are common reasons why teeth have to be extracted. When people age their teeth naturally become looser, so it may be a good idea to think about replacements.

What Are Dental Implants?

If problems with the teeth persist, then in might be time to consider having dental implants in Perth. These are small metal implants into the gum line which help to support replacement teeth. There are several key advantages to having dental implants surgically implanted, and some potential drawbacks. Read on to find out more.


Less Risk Of Infection Than Dentures

Dentures used to be the main way that people would deal with tooth loss. However, one problem with dentures is that they do not replace the root, which means that the root can possibly become infected at a later date. Dental implants replace both the tooth and the root, so the risk of infection is minimised.

More Stable Than Dentures

Because dentures are held in place on top of the gums, they can slide around inside the mouth and cause discomfort. Because dental implants are fixed with screws, it is not possible for them to move around and cause discomfort. This makes tasks such as eating easier than with dentures. For stable dental implants visit Accent Dental in Perth.

Don’t Rely On Support From Other Teeth

Bridges are designed to keep teeth in place, but the downside of these is that bridges rely on other teeth to stay stable. Otherwise, the bridge can become loose. In contrast, implants stand alone. By being self-contained, implants are not affected by problems with other teeth.

Extremely Durable

Dental implants require the same type of care that real teeth do. Make sure to brush twice a day, ensuring that all the replacement teeth are cleaned evenly. If surgery is done correctly then there should be no side-effects and the implants should not need to be replaced.


Risk Of Infection Is Possible

Whilst dental implants are a safe procedure, there is a small risk that the gum around the implant can be infected. Make sure to regularly inspect the gum line and tell the dentist of any pain or unusual colouring and swelling.

Implants Take Time To Settle

Implants won’t settle overnight. They can take up to 6 months to fuse properly with the jawbone. During that time it is important to be extra careful when eating a meal or brushing the new teeth. The new implant can be protected by a temporary tooth until the replacement is grafted on when the 6 month waiting period has finished.

Implants Can Be Costly

Implants can cost several thousands of dollars to have installed. In the long term, the rewards will outweigh the cost.

Follow this guide when deciding whether to have dental implants fitted.

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