Focus on preventive services to keep your patients healthy


When it comes to profit margins and income sources, retail stores aren’t the only companies trying to improve their numbers. More doctor’s offices and medical facilities are expanding their offerings to better serve their communities while improving their own earnings. Here are a few items that you might want to add to your menu of services so that you can keep your patients healthy and happy.

Annual physicals are required for student athletes, scouts who are going on campouts and even certain adult leaders who are on the field with the kids. Businesses are trying to develop a healthier workforce by requesting pre-employment physicals or testing. When you offer these services, you can help keep your community moving while booking empty appointment times. Most insurance plans will cover these services, and you can also offer discounted cash rates for those people who won’t be going through an insurance plan.

With DOT Certification training, you can conduct physicals for anyone with a commercial driver’s license. You can invest in training for health, fitness and fatigue prevention as well as the standard physicals. In addition to helping driver’s with their physical exams, you can also provide detection and treatment services so that they can stay on the job and on the road.

Focus on preventive services to keep your patients healthy and build that level of trust with them. There are many people who only see the doctor when they’re feeling sick, but many others are happy to come in for regular appointments to ensure that they’re on the right track with their lifestyle habits and changes they might be making. Family doctors can offer a range of services like regular weight monitoring, immunizations, and special tests to help their patients remain healthy. Rather than waiting for someone to get sick, you can help them feel great day in and day out with preventive services.

In this day and age of conglomerate medical centers, it is possible for the family physician to make an impact in the lives of patients. It requires expanding the services offered, but this is entirely possible with the right training programs. In addition to providing Little League physicals and basic preventive care, you can also improve your profitability and generate goodwill in your community by working with licensed professional drivers to help the stay at work and out on the roads.

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