Variety Matters: 5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Body In Shape!

People who are against any form of physical activity say exercise is overrated but the naked truth is, we all have to engage in regularly scheduled exercise. This is because people who exercise are healthier and have longer life expectancy. You see, exercising does not only target weight loss (which is a common misperception that people have). In fact, the benefits of exercise vary and can include improved muscle strength and cardiovascular system, better sleeping pattern, increased cognitive capacity, superior posture, less body tension and stress and a lift in the person’s self-confidence.


You probably think that you need to spend hours at the gym in order to achieve the above mentioned benefits of exercise, but as we have stated earlier, you only need a regular exercise schedule to reap these benefits. There is no magic number when it comes to the hours that you would have to spend exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some fitness programs would recommend spending 150 minutes a week while others would recommend spending 30 minutes of your daily time on physical workout. The important rule that you should remember is that you are engaged in moderate or vigorous physical activities on a steady basis.

Another good point related to exercising is that it does not have to be the same old routine every day. We completely understand if you get bored going to the gym and running on the treadmill or lifting weights all the time. Doing so would also lead to hitting a plateau particularly if you are trying to lose weight. To avoid this, simply change up your routine a bit and try other physical activities so that you can keep your body in shape and remain interested in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Likewise, it is our humble opinion that the secret to a prolonged interest in exercising is the variety that it offers you. If everything else is monotonous, then you would not be having fun. If you are not having fun, you will likely discontinue in your quest for body nurture. So, to help you kindle your fire for exercising, we have listed here some exciting and enjoyable ways to keep your body in shape!

Move It with Mixed Martial Arts! MMA is a full contact form of exercise that incorporates a combination of grappling and striking techniques from other martial arts and combat sports. A workout session on Mixed Martial Arts can increase your ability to physically defend yourself from your opponents while simultaneously de-stressing and improving your stamina.


Yes to Fitness with Yoga! People think of yoga as a form of meditation but they seldom connect it to exercise. In reality though, there are yoga poses that are great for stretching your body, slimming your thigh and legs, toning your buttocks and keeping your belly flat! Naturally, because yoga is a form of meditation, it also improves your focus and your capacity to connect with your inner self and have a sense of peace deep within.

Zealously Swing it with Zumba! If you love dancing and losing weight at the same time, you’ve got to try Zumba! It’s a fitness program that usually incorporates Latin music with dance moves. The alternating slow and fast moves coupled with great music not only burns calories but also makes a zumba workout session feel like you’re having a party!

Brace Yourself for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! BJJ is a martial arts and combat sport that teaches you techniques so that you won’t have a problem when tackling an opponent who may be larger than you. BJJ training can teach you techniques on how to tire out your opponent and catch him in a position that would be difficult for him to get out of. You get to learn all these techniques while having fun, improving your energy level and building camaraderie with others.


Peel off the Pounds with Pole Dancing! Yes, we know that the usual places associated with pole dancing are strip clubs and bars. But guess what?! Pole dancing is a fun activity that will help you lose weight, increase your flexibility and tone your muscles! Aside from these physical health benefits, pole dancing can contribute to your romantic life. You and your partner will surely have more bedroom fun when you pull off one of your pole dancing positions!

Now that you know these 5 fun exercises, which ones are you willing to try out?

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