Which Colors are Trending in Summer Fashions?

summer fashion

As a general rule of thumb, you can’t go wrong with bright colors this summer. Stand out from the rest of the pack and never get lost in the crowd with any of the styles listed below!

1. Dare To Be Fluorescent

You may think that the fluorescent look could be hard to pull off, and you may be right, but of course the trick is doing it properly. Wearing a color-blocked fluorescent dress in hot pink, orange, and other similar colors is sure to draw attention no matter where you go in the bright and sunny days of summer.


2. Party On The Bottom, Business Up Top

Contrast is a great thing, and can save you from looking like a character from a kids’ show… or a clown, or some kind of rainbow monster. Try mixing it up with some bright colored shoes and a skirt or pants, a hot yellow for example, paired with a dark top and accessories like a hat to complete the contrasted look.

3. Summer Fun with a Touch of the Classics

Or you could switch around the ideas from #2 and ditch those solid colored dresses for a fun, hot colored, printed dress that contrasts with your classic black shoes and other accessories. As for the specific colors: anything bright will be a hit, such as a white dress with a red rose petal design or go for some Hawaiian or Indian inspired brightness for a more exotic and colorful look.

4. Leather Can Be Hot Too

Leather is not just black or brown, and it’s not just for the colder months either… you just have to know what you can get away with when the summer really heats up. Usually you will find that leather makes you sweat more, so you’ll want to avoid large heavy items of clothing and try out some shorts or even a mini skirt. Of course for the summer you should try to spice it up with a hot red color or just about anything light and bright.

5. Citrus is Tasty This Year

Be your very own ray of sunshine this summer by wearing all the colors of citrus, and you may just brighten up the day of someone else too. Even if you don’t think you can do an all over citrus look, you could always just try a hot orange or yellow skirt with a classic white top that you must have lying around somewhere already.

6. Pastels for a Calmer Look

If you think all of these bright color styles are too extreme for you, or if you’re looking for something to wear at a calm and cozy event, then why not try pastels? A nice blue or even pink pastel could look great, particularly at night, if you want to avoid the bright as day fashions.

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