Incorporate high-end fashion into your unique design

As the latest couture collections are debuted, fashion aficionados love finding out what to expect on the high street in the coming season. However, if you’re a fan of designer looks, your interior décor choices can also be inspired by the palette, prints and overall feel of the collections. When your house is decorated in a way that reflects your passions and interests, it truly becomes a home. Although not all of us have access to professional interior designers, by using a few tricks of the trade and by shopping shrewdly, you can easily take your favorite styles from runway to room.

high-end fashion

Creating a theme doesn’t have to be about the quality of the flooring or the kind of windows that are in place; it’s far more about choosing quality pieces that add flourishes of color and provide atmosphere. These finishing touches are what guests notice when they first walk into a room, and give clues as to the personality of the homeowner. If you are short on time, or working to a tight budget, incorporating trends from the fashion world can be done in simple ways that still have a big impact. Try putting up framed prints that capture moments from one of your favorite shows, or a set of photos featuring the work of a designer you admire.

2015 saw designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier experiment with muted shades and a largely monotone color scheme. At home, you could easily pay homage to the collection by incorporating plenty of gray splashes as it’s the year’s most sought-after neutral. Use it on a feature wall, scatter some gray cushions, or add a few flashes with vases or sculptures. This color looks incredible when combined with clean whites and charcoal tones.

Another inescapable trend for 2015 will be bright and zesty 1960s-themed shades, as used by Tom Ford in his spring/summer collection. Psychedelic designs are bold, but colors such as olive, orange and deep blue can invest any room with an inner calm. Bring the look to your home by reupholstering a chair in a retro fabric, or buying a rug with a suitably evocative pattern.

Working the latest fashion trends gives you a collection of beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, but these can be difficult to manage effectively. Walk-in wardrobes are the ideal solution, helping you maximize the space available and enabling you to display your items properly. However, a dressing table will always be the centerpiece of a woman’s boudoir; it’s where you’ll perfect your look, but it also acts as storage for makeup and jewelry. The finishing touch to your room is a full length mirror; these create the illusion of space while also providing the perfect opportunity to admire your latest outfit.

Bringing glamour into your home is a great way to give you a lift every day, and the effects can be stunning. Watch what the designers are doing, but also allow your imagination to take center stage. Home décor is all about creating a space that suits your lifestyle and makes you feel comfortable.

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