Contemporary Men’s Fashion Trends in Bangladesh

Men’s Fashion Trends in Bangladesh

Men’s Fashion carries its own aura and persona in Bangladeshi winters. It’s very much like as well as quite unlike the fashion of any other South Asian Country. From the swish of a muffler to the hem of a sleeve, from the ruggedness of the denim to the comfort of its fit, from the wool of the cardigan to the subtlety of its emblems, Bangladeshi winters carry very definitive touches to its men fashion trends. Some of the very best trends of the west, India and Pakistan amalgamated with the ethnic touches of Bangladesh are quite prominent in the Bangladeshi Fashion Houses during the winters of 2014. Some of these trends are elaborated with great details henceforth:


Punjabi Dress:

Bangladesh shares laurels of traditional fashion history and trends with its NOW neighbors, India and Pakistan. There are varying versions of a similar dress, called the shalwar kameez more commonly, mostly associated with being the traditional attire of the original sub-continent; the current “Bangladesh” boasts their specific version of this attire as the Punjabi Dress. Other names for this attire are “Punjabi” or “Kabuli”. The Punjabi is common all year long in Bangladesh, but during the winters of 2014, the specific trend carries very colorful Punjabi dresses with light or heavy embroidery depending on the choice of the consumer. With the evolving fashion trends, Bangladeshis now tend to combine the Punjabi Kurta or the Punjabi shirt with a denim trouser. The fusion creates a very Bangladesh specific trend, something very outdoorsy and fashionable for men.


Short sleeve T-shirts in Bangladesh are very common in winters as the under shirts to be worn beneath jackets or cardigans etc. T-shirts tend to carry many creative and out-of-the-box designs printed on them. These designs are very similar to the western T shirt designs, but also carry creative and sometimes very funny elements attributed to politics, and other trends in Bangladesh. Jackets are mostly worn unzipped on top of these Tees so the designs show. It’s like in any other part of the world, but with some Bangladeshi touch!

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Bans, short/soft collars, contrast piping, contrast collar insides, contrast hems etc. are the trend of the season as far as semi-formal shirts go. Egyptian and Thai Cottons are mostly the materials in use. For the Formal Shirts, not much has changed, apart from the fact that semi-formal and formal shirts are now being used interchangeably. Formal shirts are however, still supposed to be classy, stylish and decent.



Sherwanis are yet another traditional dress of the region. Sherwanis have always been a common attire for the weddings and very formal events. Winters are usually the season of weddings in Bangladesh, therefore, so are Sherwanis. The Sherwanis are embellished with many little decorations or can carry very subtle embroidery. Either ways, they are all there in the market up for grabs or in the hands of the master designers to be made on order for your special event! The leading Bangladeshi online fashion stores which includes Kaymu, priyoshop, akhoni, these offer full range of contemporary men’s fashion wears to suit present day requirements.



Denims/Jeans caught up late on the trend of ripped/rugged panels and faded colors in Bangladesh. Those long gone trends of the west are still quite prominent in the Bangladeshi fashion trends of winter 2014. Denims are coming in various fits and sizes, which include slim, boot-cut, straight etc. Denims are there to stay as they always have been, all across the globe.

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