What Should Be Done When A Child Is Having Sore Gums And Teething Pains?


When infants have their teeth growing with age, it becomes a good deal of distress for everyone at home, especially for the child. This entire fiasco happens because a child’s gums are pretty tender and soft when new tooth starts erupting. Now as the tooth commence breaking the surface of the gum, this later can look swollen or bit red across the tooth. This usually happens when an infant turns six months old. Though some infants may even have their teeth starting to grow early at an age of two months itself and they suffer from sore gums.

A child will certainly be cranky, irritable and have sleeping difficulty as well when the tooth will start coming out. It is vital to know that teething discomfort can also interfere with the child’s feeding pattern. Fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, cough, less urine output as well as runny nose will be a usual symptom of the problem that the infant can’t say, but it shows.

Here are few things that the parents should do when their infants are having teething issues.

  1. Consult a child specialist: A child specialist should be the first person the parents should go when all the above mentioned symptoms can be seen in their child. The specialist will diagnose the problem and get to the bottom of the issue that has been bothering the infant. They will prescribe the minimum medication so that the infant may be comfortable.
  2. Medication: Parents must never give their infants any medicine that they have not received through the prescription of a medical practitioner. This will avoid the chances of a child getting further sick due to improper medication. Also pay attention that the medication is at its minimum quantity that is possible. For giving a child too much of medication will hamper their health and growth.
  3. Food: An infant is mostly on mother’s milk, which is good for the child. However, if the child is above 6 months old then semi-solid food can be given, which will be good for them. This is because the gums will have a bit of itching and semi-solid food will give a bit of ease to the child.

Overall, teething is a phase in the life of both infant and their parents, which comes and goes. But till it stays, it does play havoc on everybody; which is indeed a difficult time for all. However, with the advice of a good child specialist and patience, the problem of swollen gums of the infant can conveniently be resolved.