Backstage Beauty: Burberry and the colors of spring 2015

Backstage Beauty Burberry and the colors of spring 2015

Matt red lips and golden finish: Burberry took the opportunity of the Spring Summer 2015 fashion show to present the new makeup collection, inspired to the theme of the fashion show titled ‘The Birds and The Bees’.

The makeup artist Wendy Rowe, under the direction of creative director Christopher Bailey and CEO, has created a embodied by the iridescent finish, through the use of Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Golden Radiance No.02 on the face, ears and chest as a moisturizer to give the skin just looks brighter.

Backstage Beauty

So he used a bb, the Fresh Glow BB Cream to make your skin smooth and at the same time leaving a natural mood.
The focus is on the lips, made by the seductive lipstick Lip Cover in Ruby No.18, star of makeup.

But like any season, the focus is also on the collection glazes, this time Burberry Beauty relies entirely on two ranges of hue, a warmer, characterized by beautiful coral Bright Coral Red No.414, in a cooler, with 3 types shades of blue. The coolest? Aqua Green No.418

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