The Importance Of Neck Braces To Injuries Sustained Around The Neck


Injuries sustained around the neck, head and spine are severe injuries as can be confirmed by a doctor and this is due to the fact that such type of injuries are close to the nervous system controlled by the brain. A slight injury around those delicate areas could cause serious issues to the body as a whole and that’s why care has to be taken when performing activities that relate to the nervous system. Apart from vehicle accidents, engaging in some type of sporting activities can also lead to injuries around the neck one of which is the motocross sport, and that’s why they are required to always put on helmets and neck support brace as part of their safety gadgets.

Due to the dangers that can arise as a result of neck injuries in cases of accidents, medical staffs would always examine the upper body first to check for a possible spine injury so that extra care could be taken when moving the patient from the accident site to avoid aggravating the situation which may cause a permanent damage to the nervous system.

If the victim of the accident suffers from a fractured bone or a strained ligament around the neck, the medical personnel would let the victim gently wear a neck brace to help support the weight of the head on the neck. Even if the victim feels okay and doesn’t want to put on the device, the medical staff would still oblige that they wear it in case of a possible trauma to the head which is not immediately noticed.

Neck Braces

A neck brace is an orthopedic device also known as a cervical collar designed to limit movements made by the head when the neck area or the head itself is injured. It also helps to reduce the weight of the head on the neck so that pains felt on the shoulder area are reduced. By limiting the movements made by the head, injuries to the neck have a greater tendency to heal quicker and medications would also work more efficiently. There are various types of neck braces available today depending on the kind of injury sustained by the patient. One is called the Halo. It has surrounding metals round the head and also has braces connecting the chest and back. It is the firmest kind of neck brace available because it completely prevents the head and neck from moving after surgery. However, the most popular type of neck brace available today is the Philadelphia collar which consists of stiff foams surrounding the neck and preventing it from unnecessary movements. It is mainly used to help patients recover from cervical surgery as it is soft on the neck and stops all movements that could aggravate the injury.

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