He had already said the trend watchers: orange is the color of summer 2014. This sunny color not only dominates the fashion, but also the make-up. Orange orange lips and nails are a must. But beware! Do not exaggerate. Orange is a color very obvious. It should be used in moderation.

How to wear orange?

In fashion is a color that gives all literally. Pair it with some colorful prints, with white or black. Very nice also the combination of orange with crayons.

How to deal instead with makeup in shades of orange?

When it comes to makeup, however, things change. The orange in the make-up requires some care more. Here’s how to apply make-up with this color.


The orange lipstick

It’s beautiful and very current fluo orange lipstick. It is suitable for all women – blonde, red or blackberries – if combined with a very natural makeup. Just a little ‘of mascara and a bit’ of blush. If you have full lips, you can opt for a matte formula, if the lips are thin is better to opt for a gloss to make them look fuller. Attention then the teeth. The orange highlights and reinforces the yellow shades, even in the teeth!

The blush orange

The blush color orange is fine if used in moderation. Avoid foundation or bronzing powders with an undertone of orange and orange only apply the blush on the cheekbones and “knobs” of the cheeks.


The orange eye shadow

Applied to the movable part of the eyelids eye shadow orange makes it look now open and solar. Prune pair it with a thin line of eyeliner along the upper lashes. A bit ‘of mascara, and voila … you’re ready for summer! Obviously there are many shades of orange that can be safely combined with each other.

The orange enamel

The orange enamel is really a must-have for this summer. Goes with any outfit, no matter whether from the office or casual. The glazes are opaque ultra-trendy and stylish, while the shiny give a touch playful and intense. You can increase the effect of applying joyful nail of each hand a bit ‘of gold glitter. More solar so you can not!