Makeup day step by step


Makeup day step by step
With so much new season in the air, shrill, clear, hard and great colors etc.. Spring brings us, sometimes we forget the basics and classic is also very flattering and elegant. I love makeup in browns, use a cream shadow effect to create a modern but still classic brown that provides, so take note that going back to basic things classic and to highlight your beauty …

To this day makeup step by step you’ll need …
For this you need some colors and makeup products that I’m sure you have in your vanity case notes:

• Concealer and foundation, as always of course.
• Poudre Lumiere to give a light touch on the cheek.
• Shadow: dark brown, golden brown, pale pink and beige matte or pearl.
• dark brown pencil.
• Mascara.
• Blush earth tone matte or cream.
• Candy Lipstick in shade or lip gloss.
• And, of course, your kit of brushes.


Makeup Step by step easy day ….
While we software used in many shades, it is not difficult follow these steps …
• Once applied foundation and concealer, apply a touch of powder highlighter on the cheekbone, and have created the canvas for makeup.
• Increasingly, my make first cheekbone, so try it maybe you prefer it too, is a way to see how it goes being the end result. To apply the cream blush tone ground do it very gently and make-up on your cheek bone and not in the middle of it that is better for roses rouges. Follow whether this assistance is cream blush as if powder blush.
• Continue with the eyes: Apply the brown pencil between tabs by drawing a fine line, both top and bottom and blend with a fine brush.
• Apply the dark brown pencil and sombre shadow on eyelid and on bone blurring fine. Apply a touch also on the lower lid between the tabs to secure the colored pencil color.
• Apply a touch of gold color shade in the center of the eyelid and blend.
• On mixing the brown tone bone with pink shade gently diffuses the latter, pink is to give a softer touch to makeup, perfect for the day.
• Below the eyebrow, apply beige shadow fading gently giving light to the eyelid.
• Finally, make-up your lips with a soft tone in a bright candy like the picture.
You will see as you look beautiful and natural make-up day with this step by step!

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