Boots anyone?

bootsThere was a time when boots were worn mainly for cold weather and if you don’t want rain and mud to ruin your pretty feet. Gone are those days however, women’s boots are everywhere, any season, all year round! And, it’s just fantastic. Boots, whether they are ankle boots or knee length can glam up your usual get up. Going to the office but tired of your usual corporate dress and coat look? Update your wardrobe with a light colored ankle boots or find a version with punched out design that can really make a big difference to your business attire. It makes your look ultra chic yet still very professional.

Thinking of getting out at night but cannot come up with a glam outfit for clubbing? Just put on your favorite skinny jeans, your cute tank top and pair it with your high heeled boots to spike things up. If you opt to wear a mini skirt, then a mid-thigh or knee high boots can keep you from being overly exposed and keep the chills out as well.

If you are going out for a leisure stroll or you want a thrown back feel to your day, you can wear your boots with your shorts and a comfy tee or dress shirt. You can also wear your floral mini dress and dress it down with a pair of cargo boots and you’re ready to hit town. You are sure to turn heads in this look even if you are in your wardrobe basics.

There are also a lot of new designs in terms of women’s boots these days. They vary from the super comfy flats to the highly sophisticated stiletto boots. There are also the genuine leather types that can be quite pricey but are sure to stay with you for a long time. And durability really counts in choosing your pair of boots because these are members of your wardrobe that do not get easily phased out. You can keep them stacked for a while but because of its versatility and over all comfort, you would surely find a reason to wear them again.

In choosing your shoes or any pair of boots for that matter, make comfort your ultimate guide to picking the right one for you. If you are buying closed type boots, be sure to buy a size larger than your true size to make sure that no toe nails shall be compromised. There are also open toe designed boots for women in the market now, they look as chic and perfect for showing off your toe nail art.

Truly, any lady would want a pair of boots in her closet. It doesn’t matter if you’re the rock chick type, rugged or prim and proper; there is a perfect pair of boots for your life style and fashion statement. So go ahead, check your shoe collection now. Do you have the boots for all occasions? You should have at least one, because a lady deserves a good pair of boots. Hit the shoe market now, boots anyone?

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