Tips to Avoid Ingrown Hairs Becoming a Problem for Your Skin

Ingrown hairs don’t just look bad, they often feel it too. These are when hairs can’t break through the skin’s top layer and often grow sideways along the top. While you can pull them out, they can cause irritation and make the skin look red and inflamed. The good news is that you can do some things to stop them from happening.


Know Why They Happen

Before you can prevent ingrown hairs, you need to know more about them. You need to know why they happen and what has caused them to grow that way. Most people find that they become an issue when they have shaved or waxed, but plucking hairs can also create the issue. The legs are the most common place for ingrown hairs to appear – and often at the top – however they can occur wherever hair is removed.

Nobody is immune to ingrown hairs. Men and women are likely to suffer from them, especially if they don’t look after their body. When they remove hair, they run the risk of not removing it from lower down. Shaving and waxing both cut the hairs either at the top layer or mid-way. This means that the hair can get caught within the layers and start growing at the odd angles.

Tips for Removing the Ingrown Hairs

The best thing to do is try to avoid the problem ever arising. With a few beauty tips, you can do just that. Here are some methods to help:

  1. 1.      Make Sure the Skin Is Soft: Before you shave, wax or remove the hair, you need to make sure the skin is soft. This helps to make removing the hair much easier and prevents the hairs from being pulled. Rough skin means that bumps appear, so it is much harder to reach every hair at the same angle and point. Warm water is the best way to keep the skin soft during the process. Make sure the room is warm and consider doing it all while in a warm bath where your skin will be moist and ready for the hair removal.
  2. 2.      Loosen the Hairs Ready for Removal: You want the hairs on your skin to be ready for removing so you need to go through a process of loosening them. This is very easy with just a wash cloth. With the cloth, rub it circularly on the parts of the body that you are shaving or waxing. Once you remove the hairs, repeat the process on a daily basis to help promote normal re-growth.
  3. 3.      Buy Shaving Gel: Many people opt for shaving with just water but shaving gel – if you do shave – is the best thing possible. This will make sure your skin is ready for the blades and helps to prevent cuts from occurring. There are many types of shaving gels available but those with some moisturizing cream is worthwhile to keep the skin hydrated and ready for the process.
  4. 4.      Shave in the Right Direction: Most people shave in the opposite direction that their hairs grown. For example, they will shave up the leg even though the natural way for the hairs to grow is downwards. This pulls at the hairs and cuts them at odd angles. Shave in the same direction to avoid this and prevent the hairs getting caught under layers of the skin.

It is possible to avoid ingrown hairs from occurring. The trick is to know more about them and understand why they happen. Once you have removed the hair, make sure you promote good growth by using a washcloth on a daily basis.

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