Top 5 Home Remedies for Grey Hair


Many people don’t want their grey hair to show. So, they go to saloons or color their hair at home with hair dyes that contain many chemicals. There are several natural remedies that prevent grey hair effectively.

Usually, hair grows in sequential stages; hair strands grow during different stages in your life. The hair follicles have a pigment called melanin that gives natural color to your hair. Absence of this melanin pigment in hair follicles causes whitening of hair and insufficiency of this pigment causesgraying of hair color. You hair will turn grey when white and dark hair colors combine.

So, here are some quick remedies:

Top Five Home Remedies to prevent Grey Hair

The first remedy to prevent grey hair is to change your diet. It is very important to consume a healthy diet that contains enough amounts of copper, iron, iodine, and Vitamin B. Some best food sources are whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, lean fish, and low fat dairy and milk products.

Some of the home remedies to prevent grey hair are:

Indian gooseberry: Some people consider that an effective remedy to prevent grey hair is to use Indian gooseberry. Cut it into small pieces and dry them in sun. Powder the dried pieces and mix them with coconut oil. Apply this gooseberry mixture to your hair regularly for better results.

Amaranth vegetable: Make a leaf extract from fresh leaves of amaranth vegetable. Apply this leaf extract to your grey hair to regain the natural color. We can also boil the amaranth leaves to get water extract, which is also effective in covering grey hair.

Coconut oil: If you apply coconut oil to your hair scalp every day before bed and wash in the mornings, you can prevent grey hair. You can also get extract from boiling coconut oil and gooseberry, which is good for preventing grey hair.

Henna: You can apply henna, which can effectively repair your grey hair. Add some henna leaves into coconut oil and boil them till the oil turns to brownish color. After the henna solution cools, apply it to your grey hair. Wash your hair after 45 minutes. Use regularly for better results.

Herbal Products:There are several popular herbal products that prevent grey hair, including folic acid, PARA, apple cider vinegar, and blackstrap molasses.

For people who wish to reverse to the natural color of their grey hair, it is suggested to use herbal anti-aging supplements.  There will be no side effects of using these products for a longer period. We can get herbal anti-aging supplements online or in the market. It is completely safe to use.

Coloring your grey hair is a good choice, but you should be careful and use fewer chemicals as it can damage your hair. You can prefer conditioners or shampoo for grey hair care.

These are some grey hair remedies that you can try out. Youcan also use lemon juice along with Indian gooseberry and almond oil. In a nutshell,if you stick to a balanced and healthy diet, follow the natural remedies, and take good care of your hair, you can maintain its natural color.

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