Ready In 20 Minutes? The Beauty Secrets Of Dita Von Teese To Be Perfect

Ready In 20 Minutes The Beauty Secrets Of Dita Von Teese To Be Perfect

It is said that the model and showgirl Dita Von Teese, pin-up of the day, be able to prepare in just 20 minutes with fabulous results.

It seems impossible, and yet the same Dita assured that this is so and revealed her beauty routine on the site XoJane, offering many useful ideas for those with little time to prepare but still want to pamper themselves.

Curious? Read the secrets of beauty Dita Von Teese, and put them into practice right away!

“I seem to have a style that requires a lot of maintenance – reveals Von Teese – but I actually found a way to get ready quickly, when necessary. I do not like to keep people waiting, so I devised a system to be beautiful and glamorous even when I have less than 30 minutes to be ready. ”

What are the tips of Dita Von Teese to prepare for the flight successfully? I extrapolated the key points from his speech of beauty, let’s see them together.

Ready In 20 Minutes The Beauty Secrets Of Dita Von Teese To Be Perfect

1. Priorities: concentration, practice

It is important to have a beauty routine regular and constant order not to be in a terrible condition at the time of preparation. Put the cream every night and morning helps to have smooth and beautiful skin, wash your hair regularly can have them in an acceptable state even when it dulls a sudden engagement. Having an effective and well-established routine is therefore essential to avoid being caught off guard; just a little bit of concentration all the days and bad figures are averted.

Second, we must focus on their priorities beauty Dita, for example, do not ever come out of the house without her red lipstick, and when you are in a hurry focuses on the lips rather than on the eyes. Her favorite hairstyle is the bun, to do when the hair is not squeaky clean, otherwise wavy hair in pin-up style are his forte.

With practice, the showgirl is able to take care of its priorities quickly. He learned how to do the bun without even looking in the mirror and knows how to roll out the lipstick to perfection in a few minutes: it’s all a matter of habit.

2. A Beauty Routine Tested

Dita is convinced that a beauty routine proven to be the base of the quick preparation here because it makes the same gestures every time you have to prepare, so it never fails and is always impeccable.

The routine of Dita von Teese for the gym

“I must go to my Pilates class every morning, and this is my routine: jump out of bed, brush my teeth, I wash my face, and put my moisturizer with sunscreen and a layer of powder. Then I collect hair in a bun, and finally apply the matte red lipstick, on top of my priority list of beauty. A pair of sunglasses and are out of the house in ten minutes; easy, right? ”

The routine of Dita von Teese for a lunch with friends

“If I have a lunch with friends in the program, add a few minutes to my preparation. If your hair is nice enough to put heat curlers and in the meantime I take a quick shower. After the shower I put curlers and makeup while I deal with the foliage takes the fold: a touch of foundation, a layer of powder, blush on the cheeks, mascara and red lipstick. I remove the curlers and I brush, if I’m satisfied I’m ready to go out, I do not like the result I do a bun fast. ”

The routine of Dita Von Teese for a party or on the red carpet

“When you are invited to a party or know I’ll be photographed there is no rush that takes: I usually prepare in a couple of hours, the time of a bath, a snack, try the clothes, the makeup in a workmanlike ‘art with black eyeliner … I mean, the time to be really perfect. ”

3. Small Tips for Saving Time

How to dress?

Think about what to wear while you are getting ready. The trick is to have a number of tried and tested look that you’re okay and you feel on top: you will be less stressed and you will be sure that what you wear will be perfect.

A playlist that reminds you of the passing of time

Are you one of those who loses track of time when you prepare? The suggestion of Von Teese is very useful: it prepares a music playlist on the length of your time available, so you’ll know within what song you have to be ready without having to constantly look at the time.

Practice with your makeup that you are better off

Select the makeup and you’re better off doing a lot of practice, trying it over and over again when you have time: in this way you can replicate it effortlessly whenever you’re running late and you need a makeup that makes you look your best.

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