Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening

Technology has made it easier, but the years pass, women can retain their beauty. Laser therapy has allowed patients to access the benefits of skin tightening.

The skin tightening laser is a cosmetic procedure that stretches and tightens loose skin and sagging effectively and spectacularly. This treatment is much less invasive than other surgical procedures of stretching and the results are almost as impressive.

In addition, the skin tightening laser is more effective in treatment against sagging skin than chemical peels and micro abrasion and the results are longer lasting.

Who can benefit from stretching of the skin?
Anyone with sagging skin in any area of your body, you can benefit from this procedure. The process of skin tightening laser has proven to be an effective process to reduce existing sagging under the eyes, sagging neck skin, sagging jowls and skin below the eyebrows, excess abdominal skin or stretch marks, sagging skin of the arms, knees and jaw area.

It is also an effective method for reducing fine lines fine superficial wrinkles and to the deepest. This treatment is used by both men and women. if you are looking laser clinic in Toronto then Trillium Laser might be the good choice for you.

Process skin stretching
The skin tightening laser works by repairing collagen structure underlying the skin. When the laser heats the collagen, it taut and in turn causes the overlying skin tightening.

Patients who undergo this treatment immediately notice an improvement, but still better than the effects of stretching, toning effects that last much longer after the procedure, since the production of collagen continues for the next two or three months. Most individuals require two to three treatments to achieve optimum results, although the number varies depending on the patient sessions.

There are several procedures available for stretching the skin with laser . The system is very popular Titan, laser therapy used to heat the collagen in the deeper layers, while simultaneously cooling the outer surface of the skin. Furthermore, the system does not damage Titan fat.

This procedure can only be performed by a qualified, ie cosmetic dermatologist. These examine the patient’s skin and determine the most effective laser in each case to carry out a good stretching of skin.

What I can expect during the procedure?
The laser therapy sessions are relatively short and painless. The cosmetic dermatologist uses laser to treat facial areas quickly and painlessly.

Stretch Recovery laser skin
One of the best strengths is the procedure of skin tightening laser is that it has no recovery period. It provides similar results to the plastic surgery without pain and recovery period. No incisions, no sun sensitivity, only a very noticeable improvement in the skin and a renewed confidence in oneself.

Some people may experience temporary redness and a brief change in the pigmentation of the treated area. In rare cases, some scarring.

How long do the results last?
The result of the stretching of the skin with laser usually lasts 24 months or more. This varies according to the specific characteristics of each patient’s skin. The durability of the results also depends on the patient to follow a good regime in skin care. Often, some patients may require additional retouching every two years or so to maintain the results.

Price of skin tightening laser
Stretching sagging skin using a laser costs much less than the cosmetic surgery and clinics often offer financing methods. The cost of the sessions can range between 400 € and 1,200 €. Patients usually need two or three sessions to get the desired results.

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