For a Manicure that will go the Distance, Choose Gel Nails


Without considerable care and adequate attention your nails are so susceptible to breaking, chipping or simply flaking away. Unless applied carefully, an at-home manicure can start to develop those tell-tale signs of wear and tear even after just a day or two – not the desired effect for any manicure! Luckily, global nail specialists Jessica have the answer in the form of their truly innovative gel nails manicure.

Available from Gerrard International, Jessica’s Professional GELeration soak-off gel polish is a nail care revolution. Unlike regular nail polish, GELeration gel nails deliver a chip free finish that can last for up to three weeks – making it a beauty essential must-have for those with lifestyles that constantly wreak havoc on their nails. Whether it is scrubbing the home for a spring clean or tapping away at a computer keyboard at work, any professional manicure can easily show signs of wear and tear – unlike gel nails which have a longer lasting chip free finish.

The science behind Jessica GELeration gel nails is that they feature the beautiful colour of Jessica nail polishes but the gel formula provides strength which ensures a long lasting finish. A hybrid between a gel polish and a nail polish, the great thing about gel nails is that they are ideal for those with busy lifestyles. As the gel nails can last for up to 3 weeks, gel nails are the ultimate choice for women who do not have time to make weekly appointments at their local spa or salon.

Some women may think that due to the gel formula, gel nails would actually be hard or inflexible, but this certainly isn’t the case with GELeration nails. Flexible and durable, GELeration nail treatment is applied without smudging and the strength of the polish even works to protect the natural nail.

As a soak-off nail system, Jessica GELeration gel nails can simply be soaked off when the nail has outgrown or the colour has begun to fade. There are plenty of classic Jessica colours to choose from so you can easily tailor your Jessica GELeration manicure to suit your mood perfectly!

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