Fitness: The one to melt fat

Fitness The one to melt fat
Jump rope workout is the quintessential against overweight that no one should ignore, for burning at least 100 calories in just 8 minutes.

“When it comes to cardio, nothing like jumping rope, but not least, tone your body from head to toe, “says Gerard Calvo, collaborator Equinox gym in New York. Follow their advice and start now: do 5 minutes of heating, 20 if you want an intensive, or 30 seconds between sets of weights to get rid of those extra pounds in less than the blink of an eye.

  • STABLE POSITION. Bring elbows to the sides at a 90 degree angle, arms slightly forward, and palms facing up. When jumping, the key is in the wrists. Rota hands only (no arms) in small circles. Collapse shoulders, biceps and triceps while you jump will help you maintain control and sculpt your upper body massage et massothérapie à montréal par Ambrosia Santé.
  • Stand up straight. Keep your neck relaxed and looks at a fixed point in front of you, resist the desire to see your feet, to keep the spine aligned. Get the chest and shoulders low, and avoid jorobarte, because doing so could injure your back.
  • Work on your CORE. Tighten the abdomen at all times. Contract it will help you maintain proper posture and have more stability, and protect the lower back and knees. Plus: tone up these muscles too!
  • ONE OF YOUR SIZE. Having a rope to go according to your height is super-important. To find the ideal, stand on it in the center and pull the edges. The handles should reach your armpits. Too long? Tie a knot in each end. Too short? Change it.
  • WELL LANDS. jumps on the ball of the foot (the heel should not touch the floor ever) and takes off his feet no more than 3 inches. Try not to make noise when you fall and bend your knees to hurt them. Remember to use tennis with extra support and a top that prevents bounce your bubbies.
  • NO EXCUSES. Easter is coming and with it, the farewell to the workout routine (holidays come!), but according to Beatriz Boullosa, nutritionist of the Mexican National Soccer, a jump rope is something that should not miss in your suitcase. massothérapie

“One of the few cardiovascular exercises you can do in a small space and get all the benefits: coordination promotes brain health, while the impact when jumping prevents osteoporosis, “said the expert, author of books Nutrition applied to sport and Recipe of the champions .

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