“The bun Miss France is over!”

The bun Miss France is over

On December 8, the new Miss France elects. A girl who will play for one year the beauty, grace and elegance to the French. An appointment television full of rhinestones and sequins, held this year under the theme of modernity and renewal. Cathy Monnier, artistic director of St. Algae, cap and sublime all pretenders to the crown since 1989. It shows us behind the scenes of this event very chic and glamorous.

Doctissimo: Saint Algae is once again the official hairdresser of Miss France. What is the job of a hair stylist St. Algae on such an event?

Cathy Monnier: There are two phases in our work. During the journey of preparation for the election, we find the girls for the first time and we must take care of them for various reports.

And of course the evening of Prime, in which more than 36 Miss styling, it also takes care of all those present at the show. Jean-Pierre Foucault musicians through the jury!

Doctissimo: You have a team of people how to take care of this little world?

Cathy Monnier: There are 24 people backstage hair all stakeholders. Knowing that the Miss restyle between each passage, take care of 12 girls selected but also those eliminated because when they reappear on the board. All need to be flawless during the entire show.

Doctissimo: What are the major trends this year?

Cathy Monnier: We are in a phase of renewal. What we want especially focus this year is the natural side. Girls wearing course, but the emphasis is on the side wearing / disheveled. And the bun is over! It may come back, because there is a certain attachment to the famous bun Miss, but you know, with live conditions, this is not the easiest.

Doctissimo: The direct imposes specific constraints you?

Cathy Monnier: Say the last few years everything is live, except for reports shot earlier. And production of very specific desires, specific ideas that are not always compatible with the time allotted to us. For each sequence must be between hair, change, makeup girls and was mostly just three minutes for it all.

Doctissimo: For the selection of different hairstyles, how happens it? You can adapt the hair every girl or you have a general theme for all Miss?

Cathy Monnier: It depends on the year. But in general we try not Miss transform, we respect above all nature. But the Prime, there are themes decided by the production with which we must deal.

And do not forget that they are taken from the front so you have to think clear face still maintaining a certain harmony, and especially their opinions.

The bun Miss France is over

Doctissimo: You need to think a good hairstyle for the special crown?

Cathy Monnier: Yes, of course! We see all the girls separately to imagine a cut that is in harmony with the crown. You have to think a cut that will match the last 5 finalists. Transmission crown is a special time it is necessary that the face is quite clear, the hair slightly attached. I’d imagine a hairstyle for every girl but with our time constraints, we adapt the shape of the face.

Doctissimo: Why do they always Miss long hair?

Cathy Monnier: It is true that it is rare to see Miss with short hair, and we do not speak of shingle. In the collective imagination, a girl with long hair is more feminine. For women, their hair is a real adornment. And then there was the bun for a long time, which required long hair.

But also very short hair can emphasize the beauty of a young girl that must be perfectly harmonious. There are even some who would be Miss even prettier with short hair.

Doctissimo: How long do you need to prepare for such an event?

Cathy Monnier: For the election, we try to have the most issues in advance. I begin to think in September, but there are always issues of validation, back then in the end we always work in an emergency.

Doctissimo: At what point do you meet girls for the first time?

Cathy Monnier: The first time I met Miss this year, it was during the trip to Santo Domingo from 11 to 19 November. This is the first time that I meet and I discovered the nature of their hair, face … I talk to them about their ideas and what they want.

Doctissimo: Do you have bad surprises about their hair? You need to do coloring, cuts?

Cathy Monnier: It may sometimes be necessary to make colors especially for those who have problems with roots too pronounced. But the girls have less damaged hair and are more natural.

Doctissimo: They easily accept these changes?

Cathy Monnier: Yes. A few years ago they did not want their hair cut and then talking, they realized we were right. Today things have changed, they accept more easily. We knew they understood our business and most importantly, it is often that their cut ends.

But hey, girls have always in mind the importance of long hair.

Doctissimo: You comb the Miss since 1987. What changes did you notice?

Cathy Monnier: For years the important thing was the long hair to make a bun and also have face cleared. Today the trend is more natural. Since Endemol produces the show, they wanted a breath of modernity. They really want to modernize both the premium hairstyles.

Before, we had a bit of a label “Saint-Algae hairdresser chignons”, whereas now there is a desire to renew and to offer a hairstyle to each candidate, because after all it’s our job hairdresser beautician! And the bun is exceeded. We want sections modern!

Doctissimo: After all these years you always take the same pleasure in styling Miss?

Cathy Monnier course because Miss are different each year. I’m often asked which I preferred, but there is not really. There with whom we have a special affinity, but the fun is still intact.

Doctissimo: Next year will be the 20th Anniversary of St. algae with the Miss France. Will you prepare something special?

Cathy Monnier: I was just thinking last week. I thought this will be the twentieth anniversary and it would take something special to celebrate this event. I am just at the beginning of my thinking!

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