Take your look to the max with a smoky eyes impact

Take your look to the max with a smoky eyes impact

Have party at night or just a burning desire to look sexy? Whatever the reason, some smoky eyes are always the best alternative. We are perfect for anyone and are a great way to add intensity to your makeup and make it into something more seductive.

Take your look to the max with a smoky eyes impact

Yadim, international designer of Dior makeup, teaches us how to create a smoky look in a few steps and key products. You yourself can get a runway look at home! Amazing, is not it?



  • Apply eyeshadow tone Mono Khol Dior show 096 mobile lid toward the end of the eye and along the lower lash line. Remember low to go and always blend to achieve the smoky effect.
  • Delineates a dense stroke along the upper lash INEA with Dior show Art Pen. Extrude for a scribe end.
  • Open your eyes with a thick layer of mascara Dior show Iconic Overcurl, do it in the upper and lower lashes. Do it with movements zig zag so smooth.

Define your eyes with shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Courtesy of the brand


  • Seal your face pressed powder Dior skin Nude and make emphasis on the temples. Your eyes are the focal point, so do not overdo the base, let the dust do the main work.
  • Define your features with bronzing powder Dior skin Nude Tan, particularly in the outline.

Your cheeks should have only a subtle tan.

Courtesy of the brand.

Boca No.3

  • Draw the outline of your lips with Contour Lips Universal before applying color. In this way, your mouth will have a perfect shape and kissable.
  • Fill with Rouge Dior Nude 169 ERGEG in tone. Your lips should look natural!
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