Taataajabi nor Tendhisha .. These things really benefit your skin!

Taataajabi nor Tendhisha These things really benefit your skin

Well .. We all know that vitamins back many of the benefits on our skin, as well as omega-3, but there are other things had Tarafanha for the first time and Taataajabin on much but carry your skin a lot of benefits.

So believe me if I told you that bacteria beneficial for the skin? The bacteria is not alone, here is a list of strange things work for your skin and beauty

There are a lot of bacteria located on the skin is ten times more than Jlaya skin itself, these bacteria is what makes your skin good and natural.

You should note that any defect or imbalance occurs in those bacteria if fewer than or frequently, can cause lot of damage to your skin and damage and then cause skin problems.

This means that you should not clean your skin too much, as the shower twice a day and use antibacterial lotions can lead to the destruction of many of them, and could end up dry skin or even eczema occurs.

Fish doctor:
Fish doctor or the thickness of the nobility is the common name for the two types of fish: Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomum.

But what are they doing?

They are eating or lend all skin problems.

Believe it or not .. This was an ancient practice and regained popularity again since 2006, but has spread in most countries of the world through full of small tanks or pools similar to those allocated to the pool and fill by the thickness doctor.

They treat psoriasis, eczema and all you have to do is sit in the pool and let them eat your skin problems, they are very simple matter as long as you deal psychologically well.

There is nothing beautiful and tastier than a cup of hot cocoa on a cold day, the first sip brings a smile to your face, but it also brings many benefits to the skin. There have been a study published on the Internet, where 23 women given a cup of cocoa every day for three months, and the result was that their skin became softer and less susceptible to damage when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Many say that the salt very harmful to our bodies, it handled more than cause high blood pressure, blurred vision and increase the risk of heart attack .. Indeed, it is still a very useful source for your skin, it is part of an old-fashioned treat, but it works really well.

Every girl should and that she was burning her hands above the fireplace or while handling hot plate, and with a recurrence occurs wounds that may remain open, but the salt helps the healing really, only a national sprayed some of it on the wounds and leave, it will absorb heat and help your skin to heal faster.

Goat milk:
Many of us uses cow’s milk on a daily basis, but most people do not know that goat’s milk is very beneficial for health in general and the skin in particular. Vhalib goats is very rich in calcium, fats and proteins from cow’s milk, and can drink or use organic products that contain it, and that increases the skin’s resistance to natural elements.

And Hoaadha is an ideal treatment for dry skin and can help restore undimmed luster.

Warm bath and cold:

Maybe Being’ve heard that bathing between waves of hot and cold is very beneficial for the heart, okay, but I am sure you did not hear never it is also useful for your skin, the cold water is actually much better than the hot water, but you can not really cold water showers alone, they must experience that technology. What do not know is that they increase the skin’s natural ability to face the sun and wind, and even help maintain moisture?

Finally to be and you may come to the fact that it does not depend on toiletries and paint the body is expensive, but there are other ways and means according to your skin and give glory and luster, only Follow these suggestions to improve the quality of your skin without the need for a scalpel doctor or sabotage budget.

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