Myths Of Women’s Health

Myths Of Women's Health

Half-truths and tales abound granny when it comes to health and wellness. With so many inconsistencies in conflict out there, what do you believe? Ponte wise when it comes to identifying the fallacies of the facts. Rosa world will help you discover the truth about these misconceptions of the health of women.

Women who live together often menstruate at the same time
Any woman who has sisters and lives with them, or is very close to her friends, surely recognizes this concept behind the McClintock effect, a hypothesis that when menstruating women secrete pheromones that subtly alter the cycle of other women in the vicinity. Many scientists deny that this happens after several studies in which there is a menstrual synchrony, in addition to asserting that the periods last from five to seven days, so it may be no coincidence that an overlap occurs.

A doctor can say whether a woman is a virgin
Even when used up to the tenth power, several studies have reported that doctors can not negotiate with certainty who are sexually active.

Not just find a hole in the hymen, because there is a hole in the hymen. Many people believe that it seals the vagina, until they lost their virginity, but that’s not true. In the rare cases when it is closed, the blood of menstruation focuses on the uterus, which can cause several medical problems.

Myths Of Women's Health

It is impossible to get pregnant during your period
Think twice unprotected sex, even if you are menstruating. Spots have been mistaken ovulation with starting your period. Furthermore, the lifetime of sperm is five to seven days; causing unsafe sex towards the end of a cycle becomes a risk.

A woman has no Adam’s apple
Normally it is believed that the Adam’s apple in the neck by an excess of testosterone in men, but it turns out that this is partly wrong.

The Adam’s apple is a bulge caused by a set of plates together by cartilage tissue and muscle fibers, which protect the vocal cords.

Women also have these plates, but the bulge is more prominent in men for two reasons: testosterone causes your larynx grows rapidly during puberty and thyroid cartilage that forms the “apple” is at an angle of 90 120 degrees in men and women.

Antibiotics make birth control pills are not reliables
Even many doctors believe this, alone, birth control pills fail in 1% of cases. And that failure rate does not change when taking many antibiotics. A possible exception is the Rifampin, the prescribed antibiotic for tuberculosis; this decreases production levels of the hormone that causes the tablets, which can alter its effect.

Eating spinach shortens your cycle
While there is no magic pill to cut your cycle for a few days, your diet can help prevent cramps and discomfort. Choose foods high in iron such as beans and meat to relieve the pain. And think twice before you eat that chocolate bar. These sweet craving you may worsen your mood. Instead, eat some yogurt or a granola bar to satisfy your cravings.

Myths Of Women's Health

Having a baby is the main reason why a woman fat and lose weight
Researchers who studied weight gain for 10 years, found that while most of the women gained weight over time were more likely to happen because they were in a relationship that by having a baby. In a study at the University of Queensland, an average woman weighing 70 kilos can earn 10 more if I had a son and a partner, 7 kilos if I only had a couple and 5 if he has not a partner or child. This is because women tend to follow the style of eating from their partners, consuming more calories than they need.

Men and women need the same amount of sleep
Unable to sleep not only causes women more psychological distress, it also increases your insulin levels and inflammation, risk factors for poor health. A study by the University of Warwick found that women who slept five or fewer hours per night were twice as likely to have hypertension than women who slept seven or more hours. Among men, there was no such relationship.

Irregular periods mean reproductive problems
An ovulation or abnormal bleeding not necessarily means that you will have trouble conceiving. Remember: your menstrual cycle is like clockwork. Stress, pills, diets and heavy exercise can create imbalances in your cycle. However, it is worth making an appointment with your doctor to see if everything is normal.

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