Malika Menard, Miss one natural beauty

Malika Menard Miss one natural beauty

Malika Menard was crowned Miss France 2010 on December 5, 2009. At the beginning of his reign, the Queen of beauty we devoted an interview where she gives us his first impressions and his vision of beauty.

Doctissimo: A few days after your coronation, how do you feel?

Malika Menard: I feel good, even if I’m tired because I live since Saturday, a very fast pace. But all is well, it’s like a dream.

Doctissimo: What did you feel when you hear your name?

Malika Menard: I was very surprised. I did not expect this. For me, being Miss France was not necessarily a dream girl. But quite frankly, I do not regret anything, everything is great. When I heard my name, I thought of my friend who had written the first regional election. And I also had a thought for my mother and brother who were in the room.

Doctissimo: What has changed in your life since the election?

Malika Menard: Everything! My life is not all the same. I left my parents’ house in Caen, I quit school. And most importantly, I discovered a new world, media, television, internet …

But I’m going back to Caen on December 19 to spend the holidays and meet local personalities.

Doctissimo: Since the beginning of your participation in the contest, what is the thing that has the most?

Malika Menard: Just after the election, I took pictures with Jean Paul Gaultier, then it started very strong ! I love this designer and made beautiful photos. This meeting is now the most striking moment.

Doctissimo: How have you registered to attend the Miss France?

Malika Menard: Thanks to a friend. It had been years that I tanned for me to participate. But I felt too young. This year, I thought why not, and it was she who signed me up for Miss Normandy. It is thanks to her.

Doctissimo: What is for you the title of Miss France?

Malika Menard: For me, it means a year of non-stop meetings, trips … I’ll discover new places, to meet French people who voted for me.

Doctissimo: What would you like to achieve this year, there a cause you care about?

Malika Menard: I thought about it yet. Miss France takes a year so I have the opportunity to defend the cause of my best. I am sensitive to the fight against cancer, so I’ll see.

Doctissimo: Among the previous Miss, what route would you take?

Malika Menard: It’s true, they are likely to have achieved their conversion, they are examples to follow. But for now, I think at the end of Miss France I go back to my studies. I want to become a journalist for the newspaper.

Doctissimo: How would you define beauty?

Malika Menard: For me, it is something indefinable. The beauty of it is something we read in the eyes of others. It really is proper to each.

Doctissimo: Your daily beauty routine?

Malika Menard: I’m really not well placed to provide advice beauty! I make up very little. And I do the bare minimum for my hair. For me, it is quite natural that the premium. I still a favorite beauty product is a concealer: Touche Eclat the Yves Saint Laurent. It never leaves me.

Doctissimo: What is your guilty pleasure, the thing you do even if you know it is not very good for your skin or your line?

Malika Menard: Gluttony! I am ultra greedy and there, it’s almost a week that I can not stop eating sweets and cakes, it is not great!

Doctissimo: Soon new year, what are your resolutions?

Malika Menard: I will try to take the best of the mission entrusted to me just the French. I will try to live everything 100% to enjoy all the meetings, all the trips for a year, it will pass very quickly … And after return to normal life!

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