Little Miss history: 88 years of French beauty

Little Miss history 88 years of French beauty

Agnes Souret is the name of the first Miss France, elected in 1920 by viewers of cinema, which screens 49 women screened by a jury marched for several weeks.

Thus unfolded the election of the most beautiful woman in France had imagined as Maurice Waleffe, worldly journalist and promoter of the competition.

Fontenay and the institution of the Committee
After the Second World War and the death of Waleffe a mission to reorganize the election is entrusted to the committee established by Guy Rinaldo and Louis de Fontenay.

It was in 1956 that Louis and Genevieve de Fontenay, a former model, taking the reins of the Miss France Committee, which became an institution, and begin to infuse their minds. Competitions are organizes in the region and lead to a national final.

Television: new fervor
Revolution contest happens in 1987, when it was broadcast live on television. The enthusiasm of the early days when anyone could vote for the candidate of their choice in going to the cinema – at the first election, 198,000 ballots had been collected – is revived by this new means popular. France 3 is rebroadcasting the elections at the time, record-breaking audience year after year. And it is the viewers who vote by telephone, to devote the representative of the French beauty.

The big time
During the 1990s, it is actually excited for this contest, and the Miss elected that does not disappear screens once pocketed his title.

Names Sophie Thalmann (Miss France 1998), Mareva Gallanter (Miss France 1999) or Sonia Rolland (Miss France 2000) are known to all the French.

Since 1995, this grand pageant was broadcast by TF1 and in 2002, the Miss France company was bought by Endemol France, which includes many audiovisual production companies and is the origin Star Academy, inculding.

Miss France contest becomes a full-fledged media object, but seems to lose a bit of its popularity. Did you know the name of Miss France 2006? Her name is Alexandra Rosenfeld was also elected Miss Europe last October.

Miss the simple natures
Glitter and pomp are terms that come to mind when you think of the Miss France, very staged. The 37 young women competing this year are preparing to march in princess outfits, and the five finalists will be wearing dresses made especially for them by the creator Nicolas Fafiotte – 300 hours were needed for their construction.

But when you ask these girls what their beauty advice, the words that come up most are natural, healthy lifestyle, simplicity.

The election itself, we see especially, rhinestones, sequins and princess dresses, but the rest of the time, Miss France, many young girls are an example, as is everyone. This is what makes it an emblem that works so everyone can recognize himself in it.

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