Light shade, agnes B

Notice to lazy followers who abandon smokey eye by lack of time or practice. The new eye shadow agnes B., Shadow Light, will help you beautify your eyes in a jiffy. With its foam tip, the application is quick, keeping the intensity and more!

It is no longer possible to miss the smokey eye. The new eye shadow, Shadow Light agnes B. and foam applicator pen allows for easy application. Whether you use a color or two, make up becomes a breeze.

The powder glides easily on the eyelid and tip delivers the right amount of material to cover the eyelid without overload. Be careful though, the small powder particles sometimes fly and are deposited on the cheek. A slight breeze on the tip will remove the excess.

Light shade agnes B

We tried the green emerald that brings depth to the look. The pearl sparkle discreetly and provide just enough of iridescent. Result for a fade / blur, do not hesitate to blur the subject of a fingertip. And more intense, it is advisable to mix the eye shadow with a small drop of water just before application.

If one of the strengths of this shadow, this is her outfit (it will not make you lurch before the end of the day), it is still best to use a fixative shadow first, it will avoid spinning your makeup in the crease of the eyelid.

Shadow Light comes in 7 different colors according to your wishes discretion during the day, or make deeper in the evening. These shadows are not waterproof, they are just easier to remove.

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