Lash Architect 4D, the secret to a sublime look

To his eyes in relief, stress, sublimate, an act must: apply mascara. Thanks to new technology, mascaras are more efficient. Our favorite of the moment? Lash Architect 4D Black Lacquer 4-dimensional effect lashes lacquered shine of L’Oreal Paris. A name that says it all! A we XXL lashes that make it look that kills.

Why 4D Lash Architect Black Lacquer makes us lash pinup?
Firstly because its formula 4D consists of new adhesive waxes that provide false lashes intense effect. Then, the long fibers and ultra flexible lengthen eyelashes. A texturizing agent has Gainer each lash for perfectly defined eyes while extra-firming polymer curls the lashes perfectly. Result: the eye opens and intensifies the magic happens.

Lash Architect 4D the secret to a sublime look

To get the painted effect, L’Oreal Paris introduces a new generation of Carbon Black pigments with a micro-dispersion of pigments in the material for a more intense black.

The most? His brush futuristic shaped and skewed, ultra easy to use.

Upon application, a single pass is sufficient to sheathe all lashes, even the smallest.

If it is not immediately at ease from the first application, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. The result is astonishing. The eyelashes are black and appear intensely alluring volume.

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