How To Give Yourself A Fresh New Look

fashionable_dressesWhen seasons change, especially after winter ends, most people feel drab and ready for something new. Due to budget constraints it can be hard for an individual to find a good way to update their personal style while still staying within a set budget. Luckily, there are a few ways to make a big change without breaking the bank. Five ways to get a fresh new look are updating a hairstyle, buying a few strategic pieces of clothing, cool accessories, new shoes and makeup.

One of the best ways to get a fresh new look is to try a different hairstyle. A great option for picking a new style is to look through current fashion magazines and pick a great cut. After that it is easy to bring the picture in to a stylist and have them help with making the style changes a reality. Another option is to change hair colors, going from a darker hue to a lighter one is especially good for transitioning from winter to spring. Both of these changes can be as subtle or as vibrant as a person prefers. These hairstyle changes can help an individual look young and fresh, without spending a lot of money. Another inexpensive change to make for a new look is to buy a few strategic pieces of clothing. Just pick a few different must have pieces and add them to the items already in the wardrobe and the person will have a new style that is sure to turn heads.

An additional way to update a tired look is with fun accessories. Adding items like a light scarf, pretty earrings or daring bracelets is a sure way to make an outfit look stunning and original. New shoes are another great way to update a look for less. Purchasing cute, trendy items like sandals in the spring, for example, to spruce up older skirts and pants is a fabulous way to move from last year’s style to this year’s with ease.

The final way to update a look so it appears new and bold is with makeup. Makeup should be thrown out anyway about every 3-4 months for health reasons, so the changing of the seasons is a great time to take care of this. Adding a new lipstick or a new nail polish to a look makes it seem different and trendy, without being too obvious or over the top.

Using one or a combination of these tips will make sure that a person’s look is admired. The individual will also gain confidence and feel their best regardless of if they are going to a hip new restaurant or hitting an exciting event like the Lion King show.

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