Dip your makeup in the deep aqua

Dip your makeup in the deep aqua

The blue and green hues are imposed this spring 2013. We tell you how to wear them!

Certainly a makeup trend that has us enamored are aqua tones to bring the eyes. Bold, feminine and perfect for spring is coming, the hue inspired by the depth of the ocean will make you look extraordinary.

Dip your makeup in the deep aqua

However, we know it can be a bit extreme, especially for those not accustomed to using too much color. So we took on the task of bringing together the best tips so you can incorporate them successfully and without errors. Hands!


The maximum rule to bring intense color shades is DI-FU-MI-NAR-LAS. Yes, so have a more natural finish and exaggerated zero. If you choose a shade of blue or green, it’s best to concentrate on the eyelid and only supplement with a little mascara. Let the rest of your face glows with bronze powders.


  • Before placing the color, use a first controlling natural fat from your face and avoid clumping color.
  • Go low to high. Apply shadows slowly, so you can control the intensity of the tone.
  • Do not take your shadow to the eyelid or eyebrow arch. If you want to add depth, choose a darker shade to use in the eye socket.

Tone Shadow Duo Mad Mad World of NARS.



Want to join the trend but without sacrificing too much? The delineated color is the choice for you. You can take both the upper and lower eyelids, but choose only one to keep the chic style. Another option you can use is to draw a line on the outer corner of the eye to create the cat eye effect

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