Commissioning, spring is here … 5 Keys to be radiant now

Commissioning spring is here 5 Keys to be radiant now

Well spring is “almost” here, which I have wanted to bring the warmth, putting on dresses and sandals (I’m tired of jeans, sweaters and boots for casual look and pencil skirts and heels to work), I’m tired of the rain, the cold until the snow!, so here I am looking out the window and thinking, well we’re in March, the heat is just around the corner, so today I’ll be five keys easy! To implement now and be radiant as the spring sun!

Get fit seriously!

And I mean seriously train with intensity, sometimes when I go to the gym and I see a girl “running” on the treadmill while reading a magazine I think, waste of time, to make it better to go for a walk or lie on the sofa and enjoy the … To get fit you have to take it seriously, you train at the gym, not read, or spoken, or seen on TV, listening to music as much energy you. If you want to really get in shape, be serious indeed. Find a sport, find an exercise plan and do it with intensity!

Define your image of truth!

If you do not know what you want how can you get it? The same can apply to the image. One of the things I do with my clients the Cabinet, is to define the image, and what I ask them to help them achieve this, tell me how they want to feel like they want to be, that is the first step if you want to look pretty, sure of yourself, sexy, smart, professional … you have to dress a certain way, and write a list of what you want to see and then what clothes fit that description.

Plan your personal care

Spring arrives, it is time to start body care, skin exfoliate twice a week, apply and add lots of cream and firming cellulite cream once a day to your routine. Ahhh, and do not forget to start taking care of all your feet, the forgotten winter.

Try something new

A sport, training, a restaurant, a city, put something new in your life.

Put flowers around you

I love to have flowers at home, white flowers … any kind of flower, do not cost much and put a touch of your “soul” wherever they are.

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