Artificial nails do not look cheap

 Artificial nails do not look cheap

Beautiful hands and beautiful finger nails, every woman dreams of. But unfortunately we are not all blessed by nature. Anyone who suffers from brittle or splitting nails, artificial nails can be for a real alternative, if you consider a few things!

Artificial nails do not have to look cheap
We would all like beautiful nails, but unfortunately the reality is often different. But who suffers strained fingernails, who need not grieve, because there’s a solution to all your nail problems.

Artificial nails from the nail salon make itself soft and brittle nails to showcase objects. And you also need have no fear of unnatural claws, because the result looks if everything is done right, from almost naturally.

The pros and cons of artificial nails
Those opting for the strengthening of their own nails, has a choice of gel or acrylic nails. The gel nails are very flexible and can be modeled quite simple. Acrylic nails on the other hand can be designed thinner and thus more natural. Moreover, they are more stable and resistant. They are also cheaper than the price of gel nails. In the end it is always a question of taste, of which option you choose.

Artificial nails reinforce their own nails and make himself unsightly nails pretty again. In addition, the nails are more durable and can be easily painted. But above all, improper treatment is not without risk.

For as well as skin and hair, nails need oxygen after treatment with artificial nails, it may be that the nails are brittle. A vicious circle begins.

Moreover, there is not expertly executed at a modeling is always the possibility of catching a stubborn and dangerous nail fungus. For this reason, you should look closely at the choice of nail salons.

What to consider when choosing the nail salons
Qualified Personnel: Nail art is all the rage. And so more and more nail salons sprouting from the ground. So that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises, you should look for when selecting the nail salons that the staff is professionally trained. Because of the professional nail technician is not legally protected, so cavort in this industry many black sheep.

Hygiene: Cleanliness is one of the highest bids at the nail design. Make sure that the personnel working hygienically.

Mouthguard and adequate disinfection are required. Otherwise, you can register with poor hygiene quickly capture a nasty nail fungus or other infections.

Service: As with any service in the beauty area also in the nail salon, the service should be capitalized on customers. You should be in your studio feel and you should take the time for you and your nails.

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