The new Dutts – just try ‘times!

The new Dutts - just try times

We all know them, those careless routine movement with which we tie together our hair on the back of the head, without looking in the mirror, or even worrying about hanging out tips thoughts. This is convenient, keeps well and may appear from time to time even pretty casual – but an “updo” is therefore not a long time.

Too bad that the “3-second node” in this country is still so stubborn penetrated. Informs us but already has a reputation for being pragmatic and unstylish – with this habit, we confirm the prejudice.

But given the Dutt creations and updos this season, we have to now really no reason at all more. Because the magic of fresh forms and new ideas – and are not as difficult to imitate.

The simplest approach is and remains the neck chignon knotted as he was shown on the catwalk at Alberta Ferretti. Emphasizes classic and super sleek for an elegant, clean look – or jazzed up with accessories (especially popular: hair nets!) and Wet-effects in the form of waves.

Trend number two: updo with fake bangs. At Prada, he is styled frayed and looks cool and natural.

Futuristic when it comes to Anne Sofie Madsen, staged at the Copenhagen Fashion Week Hagen colorful dyed their hair tips as Micro Pony.

Voluminous hair is ambitious but just as fashionable. At Oscar de la Renta individual highlights in neon pink are accentuated, with Vera Wang did the same hair wrapped in a turban around the head. That failed also can be romantic, the U.S. label Rodarte shows with this fabulous look, to follow suit on be at the hair curled and pinned to the side.

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