“Red lips to kiss you” – and yesterday and today!

Red lips

Actually, they were never really gone: Red lips are the little black dress at the beauty trends. Whether bright, berry or dark – because that perfectly painted red lips can become Keypiece, we have known since Marlene Dietrich. This winter, we may choose to follow the femme fatale, and quite the most dramatic trend of thought apply.

Trend Nuance: ruby

In the course of the mode hype around the deep red ruby tones could virtually waiting the eccentric clay mixed under the rows of lines of cosmetics. Sun presented Diane Kendal, Makeup Artist at MAC Cosmetics, on the runway show by Jason Wu Fruhjahrs-/Sommerkollektion 2013 deep red lips. In combination with an otherwise relatively subdued makeup and the obligatory eyeliner that of Dietrich is already close to confuse.

Between the 90s and dark Gothic

After last summer breeding ground for Candy Colors was on the eyelids and pastel color gradients in your hair, now suggests the hour of seductive fashion diva. Again. For the look of sexy vamps leans not only significantly to the Goth scene, but also makes use of an already past decade: the ’90s. Who brought not only the generous lip border redrawn Pamela Andersson’s mouth out, but especially those lip colors as they carried Gwen Stefani or Madonna: dark, flashy and dramatic.

Lip color of the evening: “Oxford Blood”

What in the decade of the girlies and boy bands, but especially in the area as a brownish purple reds happening now becomes deep “Oxford Blood”. This shade in order to to get around this winter is not particularly in leather goods is, in its intensity, an excellent evening companion, of the safe would not even Marlene Dietrich’s fingers can.

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