Is hair loss .. For men only?


Under the direction of most of the hair loss treatments towards men .. Where women could turn for help?

We used to see hair men, flaking with age, and in these days no longer balding socially acceptable only for men, but has become attractive in appearance, too, as the celebrities like Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, and Vin Diesel, made of balding look impressive. But what about the hair loss in women? It is rare to see female celebrities they infected hair loss, a woman does not boast bald areas but hide.

Dr. says. Sanji Cao, a physician dermatologist’s «Massachusetts General Hospital» and School Department of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, said that, despite the fact that up to 40 per cent of those infected balding are women, there is an agent standards in a way to look at balding female, adding: «culturally, this did not turn into something equally socially acceptable for women.

Also, the hair loss treatments tend to bias to the man, Reaffirming d. Cao: «The medicines and treatment options available for men are often not available or effective for women. So we are dealing much more with having to camouflage hair loss.

Compared to men and women
When a man shedding hair, usually fall first hair strands from the author of the head near the temples, followed by existing hair in the back of the head, and eventually converge regions, which were hit balding to Taatrka cycle of hair-like horseshoe around the perimeter of the scalp. In contrast, it says d. Cao: «The woman’s hair falling across the scalp, and instead of the composition large bald placements, the woman’s hair usually becomes lighter widely.

What causes baldness in women? Often genes are the main factor in hair loss, it affects the way the body’s response to male hormones «androgens» (androgens), which is available with both men and women, and so many of these hormones in follicles Hair can slow down the growth of new hair, and make hair that grows already shorter than it was in the past.

The hair loss in women can result in a number of cases, such as:

  • Twice the efficiency of the work of the thyroid gland.
  • Anemia.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Serious illness.
  • Exposure to the position includes nervous pressure (whether positive or negative), such as a case of illness or death in the family or change housing or divorce.

The use of specific treatments such as chemotherapy for cancer and when hair loss, it must be treated like any view other medical and go to the doctor, and often able to analyze the blood of detecting the presence of a thyroid problem is not diagnosed or any reason other health for hair loss. D show. Cao: «If we can not identify the cause, the eradication of a sample of the scalp can often give a more conclusive diagnosis.

Hair Restoration falling
If you cause a thyroid problem or any other medical problem in hair loss you have, the remedy the situation should stop hair loss, and in the end should return your hair back to growth. The treatment of hair loss which has no clear medical reason it is harder for women, it shows d. Cao: «There are very few treatments available that really proved effective with women, Fgar« finasteride (finasteride), «Brobaishea (Propecia), which is a sign of the treatment of hair loss in men does not achieve the same results with women.

The best treatment for hair loss for women is a cream «Mennoxdel» (minoxidil), «nitrogen (Rogaine), which is available in Mahloulin concentration of 2 per cent and 5 per cent. When you place this holy place twice a day, it can help to maintain what you have hair, but it is possible to restore hair to grow again, and the only drawback which is that you have to persevere to use it to no end, as it is can cause itching and dry scalp irritation, which can be overcome by the use of conditioner every time you have used the shampoo to wash your hair.

Hair Transplant
Another option is a hair transplant experience, a method based on the transfer of hair follicles from one part more intense in the scalp to the spot where sandals hair. But because of the spread of hair loss in women, d. Cao says that hair transplant may not be effective in restoring hair permanently as effective in men, in addition to the fact that this process may be expensive, costing several thousand dollars, depending on the amount of hair that is grown.

If you are thinking about this, option, Fastmaa to advice d. Cao says: «go to a specialist in hair transplant address many of the ladies.

Talk to Women this treatment. The methods are being developed to treat hair loss, including laser hair comb, a handheld device called a laser beam low power, which is supposed to stimulate new hair growth.

And describe d. Cao this method that «convincing way and possible extremely re-hair growth», but combs laser is not studied yet been sufficient to determine whether they are effective or not, and that the results are published more clinical trials, recommends Dr.. Cao: «Free money, but keep it in mind.

Camouflage baldness
There are a number of methods that can camouflage hair loss, and one of these methods is to wear a wig in line with the color and the way your hair styling, and other methods that MAKE hairdresser who you deal with him cut your hair and Acefvh a way to hide bald spots. In order to hide the hair loss and maintain the hair that you still have, you can also try these tips:

Trfiqi hair: Valuation work cake hair tight ponytail or otherwise of styles that pulls your hair and make it falling at a faster rate, and the same thing applies to excessive hair treatment. D suggests. Cao: «Try to minimize the processes that increase your hair more tenuous, such as individual and Corrugation Permanent Hair Hair.

Okmla hair falling: Ask your doctor about eating «biotin» (biotin) a one vitamins that strengthen hair, and should not exceed the recommended dose, which is 30 micrograms per day.

Try a hair spray products: This may seem silly (and especially if you have seen one shopping through television ads that talk about these products), but the shades suitable spray on the scalp may hide bald spots quickly. Dr. says. Cao: «It immediately gives the illusion that the more dense hair.

Overcome social stigma
Rarely talk openly about hair loss in women or hear talk about the ladies in the ads of companies hair transplant and hair loss treatments, as the bias associated with sex surrounding this case may cause us to hesitate to ask for help when he starts felt in precipitation.

Do not let preconceived notions prevent you from getting the treatment that can stop hair loss you have, or even reversed, and although you may not see other women deal explicitly with their hair loss, then you certainly are not alone, it was found d. Cao: «Hair loss is a source of a very common concern among the majority of women. Do not be afraid to be addressed.

Although the options may not be as large as what it is for men, hair loss in women can be treated. It is also important to make sure that there is no medical reason behind this case.

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