Dove: All women are beautiful

Dove, which asserts itself as the brand that speaks to real women and not models, has circulated on video sharing sites a film about the backstage beauty.

Highlight on the website of the brand Dove, a sentence proclaimed as a philosophy: “There is no professional models in this site. Only real women.”

The dictatorship of beauty
Film, television, posters in the streets, and to our mailboxes, many vectors of an image of beauty that strikes us, we are required, an ideal that not exist and we are looking to achieve, however, sometimes desperately. And brands of beauty, fashion, luxury, selling the dream and glamor, of course, put in scene of beautiful models and actresses to portray this image totally unreal.

Dove All women are beautiful

Today, we must be active for a successful personal and professional lives. Until drama sometimes, as shown by the recent scandals in the fashion and these anorexic models who starve for fear of taking a gram – despite carrying them a bad example for young girls looking identity.

The image is a dictatorship for women, Dove is well known and has remedy.

A brand committed
The brand is indeed the problem very seriously, right, and has been campaigning for several years against the current to give room for “real women” to those we meet in the street, to us. We are not all young and well done, but we are no less beautiful. This is the message that Dove is used to pass, first with a poster campaign that showed mature women or round, but flourished well into their skin. Images that we were not accustomed to cross.

Today, the brand goes further and created a “self-esteem fund” real support fund to help women to accept and try to instill a more inclusive conception of beauty. In this context, a campaign “For every beauty” was launched through “Metamorphosis”, an intelligent video and very well done, on which you can see a young woman usually turn our eyes woman in fatal poster, with a good makeup and retouched in Photoshop. The campaign tells us why our image of beauty is distorted and shows behind the scenes.

Reassuring, realistic, desinhibante, the brand intends to liberate women from the dictates of ideal beauty, and is an intelligent and imaginative. She dropped the masks super models reminding us that even they “are not super models.”

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