Dandruff .. Scientists searching for radical solutions

Dandruff .. Scientists searching for radical solutions

Says Lynn McKinley Grant, assistant professor of dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, Georgetown University, itching in the head back often to dandruff in the scalp, which is about infections are common among a lot of people.

McKinley Grant adds: «Each person has as much, if slight, of the cortex, pointing to the presence of other symptoms such as hair loss and redness and sensitivity. And beyond this case, which affects about half the population at some point after puberty, all barriers of sex, race and age, where a recent study indicated that Americans spend about $ 300 million a year on shampoos and other products to get rid of dandruff.

The role of the sebaceous glands
However, doctors still know how to work the hair cortex and the people most at risk of contracting a relatively limited. Says Antonella Tosta, a professor of medicine dermatology at the University of Miami specializing in healthy hair and nails, that what he knows doctors is that the oil on the scalp plays a big role in that, adding: «Everyone needs to sebum (a fatty substance secreted by the sebaceous glands) or oil, is an important part of the health of the skin and scalp, but may sometimes lead to inflammation of the skin cells.

It adds Tosta that skin cells in the scalp usually takes about 28 days to mature and die and change periodically, but in people who suffer from dandruff, these cells do not reek fully, consists in large groups in a period ranging between seven and ten days.

He noted a recent research that there is another factor helps the growth of the cortex, a fungal Almlacesea (Malassezia). And Tosta says: «There is this bran naturally in every person’s scalp, but it abounds excessive in some people and in certain cases, which can lead to inflammation and excessive precipitation of skin cells. Tosta adds: «We do not know exactly why this happens with some people does not happen with others.

Climate and food
And can lead some environmental conditions to increase dandruff, especially at this time of the year. Tosta says: «usually increase significantly their crust in the winter and in the dry climate, noting that dietary factors such as alcohol and a fatty diet, and stress may aggravate the situation.

Experts say the worst cases crust and seborrheic dermatitis are more common in people with neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, and victims of strokes and people with HIV. Tosta says: «But we do not know the reason for this.

Although the crust is a chronic and recurring problem for many people, it can be treated, and doctors believe that the most important step in treatment is to wash the scalp shampoo frequently, and most importantly, be done correctly.

Tosta says: «It is important to differentiate between washing the scalp with shampoo and wash hair shampooed. And prefer Ella Tumbes, which is specialized pediatric dermatology in Washington, wash the scalp when dry, to be scrubbed well, leaving the shampoo on the scalp for at least 10 minutes, and then added water until there is foam, and is used brush old to massage the scalp in a circular motion to remove the crust until it reaches active components shampoo into the skin, and then rinse. After that, McKinley Grant proposes to use high-quality shampoo even be a better form of poetry, also proposes to change the type of shampoo from time to time in order to be effective.

Method of treatment
For selecting the method of treatment, can rely on any kind of shampoos containing zinc and coal tar and salicylic acid, and addressing each of them symptoms are different, for example, be salicylic acid better crust dry, according to the statements McKinley Grant, which indicates that it can be is the experience of some species until you find the right product for each person.

The McKinley Grant that in the event did not succeed in getting rid of shampoo crust it is incumbent upon the person go to a doctor who specializes in skin diseases until he gets proper treatment for his condition, such as topical steroid which is used in the treatment of infections. It is also important that the person gets rid of fungus that require treatment on the basis of the opinion of the doctor.

Has identified one of the studies published in the past year an enzyme found in a certain type of fungus Almlacesea which can not be for this mushroom growth without him, also found that anti-sulfonamide vital spot was more effective in preventing the growth of this fungus of ketoconazole, which is in a lot of treatments Anti-crust.

For people who do not worry there is a small number of the crust on their uniforms or jackets black, they must know that this case may be the cause of hair loss early, where it says Tosta: «If a person who suffers from dandruff also has a genetic predisposition for baldness, it must work to cure dandruff quickly, because this inflammation will increase the speed of hair loss, for men and women alike.

Says Tumbes The crust for the rest of people who do not have a genetic predisposition for baldness would not affect the hair loss, but it would be a concern in terms of appearance, adding: «crust nuisance and unattractive in many cases, but it does not hurt anyone».

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