Beauty Tip: Hair thyme

There are numerous beauty tips, some of them are helping us look better and healthier looking hair, this time we give you a very good beauty tip, it is a lotion for your hair to be done based on leaves thyme and egg yolk, it will give more volume to the hair and also for it to get nice and shiny.

Beauty Tip Hair thyme

To prepare this l otion thyme hair need the following ingredients, egg yolk, three tablespoons thyme leaves, five tablespoons of mineral water and later need a splash of olive oil, we have to do is mix all subsequently placing ingredients in a container and then mixing them together, it is important that all ingredients remain well integrated with each other.

After having this lotion list, what do we apply it on our hair, and leave it for a period of five minutes, we wash our hair with shampoo well and then what we do is apply ourselves a conditioner.

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