What are the wicks California?

What are the wicks California

The latest fad not only for youngsters but also for more adults are the wicks California, this trend has spread worldwide, especially in young celebrities, one of the most often used this style is Miley Cyrus, in This time we will explain what this modern trend for your hair, and some beauty tips.

Wicks California are fading hair especially in the bottom of the hair, or the tips, this is a trend that originated in France and was later adapted in various parts of the world, if you want realizarte wicks California can go to your coifdeur which will give a very modern touch to your hair or you can realize yourself at home.

If the wicks California realizarte want in your home you can do it with hydrogen peroxide, with platinum blonde color ink or bleach, used any of these products, it is also important that we use aluminum foil as a tool and a brush to apply the ink.

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