Makeup Beauty Secret That Brighten Skin? Here It Is

Makeup Beauty Secret That Brighten Skin

I love discovering new beauty tricks that simplify the application of makeup and make a difference in the life of every day. My makeup routine becomes easier and more effective!

From the chest of the makeup artist, this straight revolutionizes the whole process of makeup: 15 minutes before makeup you should apply moisturizer on your face using a brush for foundation.

That’s right, you read that right! Who would have thought to put the cream with a brush fondodinta? I definitely do not. Now, however, you’ll want to know the reason for this choice seemingly meaningless.

It is ultra relaxing and pampers the skin

The brush allows you to distribute the moisturizer on your face in the best way, smoothly and gently.

When apply makeup the bristles of the brush are still traces of moisturizer and then the result is much more natural because the foundation is less often.

Final effect? Skin hydrated and luminous, velvety. And then the makeup is natural and light, it uses less product, there are more benefits to the skin and the face becomes a mask.

I already tried this suggestion beauty and I liked it a lot, I think it will not abandon him more! My advice?

Always clean the brush of the foundation after using it, otherwise you are likely to apply in the morning mixed with cream foundation.

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