How To Comb Hair Wet? Tricks Of The Pros

How To Comb Hair Wet

Combing wet hair is usually not recommended because this gesture is likely to weaken and break the hair, much more fragile when wet.

For those who need to comb your hair after washing to disentangle there are some useful tips from professionals that allow you to do so safely and without damage. To read and put into practice immediately!

Combing Wet Hair: How To

Use the Right Tool

No to the brush: no plastic or wood, or natural bristle. Choose instead a wide-toothed wooden comb, the best way to untangle your hair without damaging them and break them.

Without help from the Products Disciplinanti

Before you comb your hair, apply on wet hair a leave in conditioner – especially if you have curly hair, frizzy and rebellious.

Alternatively is fine a few drops of oil on the tips not only nourishes and prevents split ends, but favors the untangling.

Use the comb in the Best Way

Do not ever comb wet hair from roots to ends: risks just to do damage. Instead proceed as follows: Divide the hair in locks and comb a strand at a time.

Start brushing from the middle towards the ends of the strand, and only after eliminating nodes combing your hair from the roots to the center. After combing all the hair you hair smooth enough to give a final combed all the hair.

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