How do you choose the right sunscreen for your skin?

Posted reader says, I am a girl I am 24 years old, and my skin Kamhiyah color and nature of fatty, and the problem is that I suffer from is suntan quickly once my exposure to the sun, knowing that I make sure to use cosmetics that contain SPF, but without result, as Skin that fat appear quickly once you put make-up and get out of the house and make it shiny and pale and more Samara, and my question is what the problem is? Why do not affect cosmetic sunscreens protection bashrety and lotions are appropriate?

How do you choose the right sunscreen for your skin

Answer this question, Dr. Hamid Abdullah professor dermatologists and infertility Cairo University, saying: “First it should be known that cosmetics that contain material to protect from the sun is not enough for good, and can not be relied upon in the prevention of the negative effects of the sun, where no increases protection factor 15 spf, while the protection factor, which must contain the prevention preparations should not be less than 50 spf, therefore recommend that you use medical products for protection from the sun and not to rely on cosmetic products.

For type appropriate to the nature of the skin we recommend owners oily skin not to use sunscreen in the form of cream and replaced Balaspray, which absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy traces on the skin is also working on a dry for long periods of time.

In the end, we recommend the need to use sunscreen in summer and winter, and not to rely on cold weather and the eclipse of the sun during the day in winter, as the skin adversely affected by light and not just heat.

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